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Chapter 48: Just the Beginning



Oh my god!

Zoe and I stopped building our ‘beautiful’ tra– sand castle when we heard shrieking and lots of giggling noises.

We stood up and saw that most of the people have an excited and obsessed look on their faces, their eyes locked on the same place.

I gasped when I retraced their gazes.

There he was…

In his handsome casual V-neck ¾ sleeve shirt and…….


Yes. Shorts.

This was the first time that I saw him in shorts.

I gulped down the mouthful of saliva threatening to dripped as my brain imagined myself doing different naughty things to his long slender legs.

He was just leisurely standing there amidst the sea of crowds utterly devoid of any emotion. But even so, his whole person radiated power making everyone wanted to submit to his every whim (including me, of course).

This man was so powerful, and he knew how to use it. His confidence alone was enough; the rest of the package were overkill!

His cold frosty eyes were roaming around as if he was searching for someone.

Arf! Arf!

I jolted awake when that familiar cute, lovable sound made its way towards me.

Then I noticed that Cain was not alone, beside him was Estela and…..


Arf! Arf!

I glance at the furball who was now at my feet, jumping, licking and circling me. He was so happy and excited that I was beginning to feel afraid that his tail would come off from all that wagging.

The atmosphere immediately turned dead silent.

The crowds were stunned when the cute puppy beside Cain who followed the man around a moment ago – just practically sprinted towards me as if I was his long lost owner.

I gulped hard when I raised my head and saw Cain’s eyes were fixated on me.


My brain panicked and screamed, but my feet were paralyzed on the spot.

I could see the cold man’s lips twitched upward into a smirk as he leisurely strode towards me.

Oh my God!!

What is he doing?! Our relationship is supposed to be a secret!

Whispers resounded when I unconsciously took a step back. I felt all the antagonistic look thrown at me. Still, they didn’t dare block the cold man’s approach.

Zoe just grinned at me as the ungrateful girl walked towards where Estela was – completely abandoning me to defend for myself.

Honestly, I didn’t care about the views of other people, but right now, I wish that the waves would rise twenty meters and swallow me hole.

I desperately signaled the approaching man with my eyes to no avail as I took a step back to put distance between us while little Pluffy continued to follow me.

The whole scene turned comical. I would probably laugh if this was not currently happening to me!

Cain took a step to bridge the distance between us and I took a step backwards trying to widen the gap while a ball of fur was wiggling beside me.

Finally, Cain paused, and I paused as well. Our eyes remained lock. Mine with pleading and panic while his, cold and merciless. Yet, I knew that he was just teasing me.

I was lost in his deep clear frosty mesmerizing eyes when the cold man took long strides, and before I could even blink, he was there in front of me. Just literally inches from me that my upper body unconsciously leaned backwards in response.

His refreshing scent jolted my whole system awake, making me realized that the horror was real while my body froze when my brain malfunctioned at the sudden closeness.

It’s over. Ahh… It’s all over… Goodbye, my peaceful days…

I was so sure that Cain would hug me or worse – kiss me in front of everybody.

So I was shocked when he suddenly bent down and cupped little Pluffy in his arms and then slowly……

So slowly.

Ever so slowly straightened his back.

He paused when his face was leveled with my breasts. I felt his hot breath on my skin. I gasped and held my breath when he softly grazed his lips against my nipple beneath my bathing suit, making it look like an accident.

Then he slightly leaned closer towards me.

“This is not over.”

He whispered, and then he teasingly smiled before he turned around to walk back to where Estela and the others were while little Pluffy tried to wiggle his body out of his embrace. His big puppy eyes locked on me as he whimpered nonstop on Cain’s shoulder.

My legs gave way, and I slumped on the sand.

I should have known this would happen!

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