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Chapter 47: Hawaii

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I glanced up at the infinite blue sky, promising sunshine throughout the day. The majestic crystal clear blue ocean, enticing you to discover the treasures hidden within the deep. The golden sand sparkled like tiny jewels under the dazzling sunlight while colorful gemstones like seashells scattered throughout the ground just waiting to be picked.

Warm breeze swirled around us, sending our hairs in all different directions. The gentle crashing waves against the shore, forming white foams. The saltwater smell and that soft, smooth sand that gently massaged my feet made me felt at peace and relaxed.

Men with nothing but briefs and shorts were playing volleyball and Frisbee with each other. Tanned women wearing skimpy bikinis lying under the sun. Children’s laughter and giggles playing at the sand, building sandcastles. Some adventurous people doing water-skiing and paragliding while some have it relaxing in a canoe and yacht.

I’ve taken a mouthful of the warm sea water air.


“I think we should try the parasailing or maybe the paragliding first. Wait… I think diving is more excit–augh!


I was surprised when a ball suddenly appeared out of nowhere and landed on Zoe’s head.

Pft… Sorry….”

My eyes glanced at the snickering tanned brunet man approaching us. I could also see some men and women at the back who were smirking and laughing.

I roamed my gaze and noticed that almost all of the people here were from well-known families.

Must be here for Sophia’s debut.

I tightly fastened my cover up when the man didn’t hide his lustful as he gazed at us.

“Sorry ‘bout that… I didn’t mea– aargghhh!!

The man screamed in agony when Zoe kicked the ball without warning, hitting the man’s groin, making him howled in pain as he went down on his knees while his two hands cupped that ‘thing’ between his thighs.

“Now we’re even.” Zoe just grinned, grabbed my hand and sashayed away from the audience view.

I think that Zoe became even more violent after that night.

Not that I mind though.

After a while of bickering and nonstop arguing of what to do first, we finally settled to play in the sand.

Sophia checked her surroundings. When she made sure that no one was around, she carefully swiped a card key on Zoe’s room.

Emma requested an extra card key to Zoe’s room without the girl’s knowledge.

She tiptoed inside and quietly closed the door. She arranged her wig and like she owned the place – sashayed towards the bed.

Her eyes immediately landed on a beautiful, simple dress laid on the mattress.

She smirked and pulled out a scissor inside her bag.

Nicholas’s eyes kept on landing on Emma Collin’s wig. Although the wig looked natural, it still didn’t hide the noticeable gap between her forehead and the false hair.

He wanted to ask what happened to her and Sophia, but something was telling him that it would be a dangerous topic to ventured into.


Emma handed a card to him which he accepted. His gaze was still locked on that artificial object on the woman’s head.

“The spare card key of Zoe’s room.”

He quickly retracted his gaze when he heard Emma’s hissing voice.

“The plan is simple. Since we can’t use drug directly, I’ve replaced the incense in her room. After the party, the hotel staffs will turn on every incense in everyone’s room. All you have to do is wait.”

He wanted to say something, but Emma quickly strode off to entertain some guests who just walked into the hotel’s buffet restaurant.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a sneer.

This time for sure.

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