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Chapter 46: Lock on


Son . . . I dont think thats possible. Im not feeling well today . . . *cough . . . *cough . . .


Do you want me to tell the world that youve fake your illness and pass all your responsibility to your fourteen-year-old son eight years ago so that you could roam around the world with your wife?


. . .


. . .


H-how did you know––! *Ahem . . . I mean . . . Thats not true!


You better take over for me tomorrow. Or else . . .”


Cain ended the call and resumed his work. He was working nonstop ever since Leanna left four hours ago, determined to finish everything.


Like hell, Ill let her go to Hawaii wearing that se––! Revealing thing!


He contacted Russell to get ready his jet.







I laughed together with Zoe as we watched Emma and Sophia entertained the guests at Seaside Hotels buffet restaurant. As soon as we arrived and settled ourselves in our respective rooms, we met up here to have our breakfast.


Zoe stayed on the upper floors together with her father, Emma, and Sophia, while I stayed at the lowest and cheapest room if I may add –– Sophia made sure of that.


It must be a floor for losers.




Zoe laughed so hard, attracting some eyes on us when Emmas wig almost slipped. She stumbled while arranging her false hair in place as she tried to maintain her balance.


Sophia, on the other hand, was trying her hardest to smile despite the awkward tilting of her head, so the wig stayed in place.


I got to say, the whole scene was like a comedy played out for us to laugh.


Oh my God! That made my day.” Zoe wiped her tears as she regained her composure. Too bad about the eyebrows, though. They covered it with an eyebrow tattoo.”


Well, it didnt hide their awkward, uneasy faces. That made our whole mischievous night meaningful.” I held my cheek and drunk my tea.


Heh! Wait till you see what Ill do later.” Zoe rubbed her palms together as her eyes narrowed.


What will you do later? I asked with a raised brow.


Ehehehe. Youll see.”


I rolled my eyes.


Estela was rubbing on her.


I want to ask if it was what Estela secretly told her that night when we infiltrated the Collins estate. I opened my mouth but stopped when I sensed a burning hatred directed at me.


My head flung up and saw Holley Goldwood with her mother, Evelyn, together with Nixon, four tables away from us.


It had been two weeks since the last time I saw her. She was still the same. Pretty and all, but gotten thinner. Her eyes were burning with so much hate I wonder if I accidentally killed her cat or something.


When she noticed that I was staring at her, she shifted her gaze to her cup while her face didnt hide the contempt and disgust when Nixon poured her tea.


Poor guy.




Zoe snapped her fingers at me, which made me turn to her. Lets go change! There are hot guys outside playing on the beach!


Zoes fingers were still in front of my face while her eyes ogled at the muscles and abs of the men outside the full-length window of the restaurant where the majestic turquoise seawater was in full view.


Alright, lets go.”

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