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Chapter 45: Destination


After I made sure that Zoe’s screeched had ended, I put the phone back on my ear.

“Leanna!! I can’t believe it! Have you seen the dress and the swimsuit?! I mean…! It’s just… breathtaking!”

“Zoe, calm down. Have you prepared everything? Our flight will leave at ten in the evening. We just have like an hour to get ready.” I reminded her.

“Right! Right! I was like…! Overwhelmed! I’m getting excited again! See you at the airport! No ditching on me!”

The corners of my mouth twitched upward when our call ended.

I was glad these past few days after that night of naughtiness and vomits, Zoe became more like herself.

Zoe’s dress and swimsuit were finished just in time for Sophia’s debut tomorrow. It was Friday, and we were currently busy preparing for our trip to Hawaii later. I was surprised that Z O’nier also made me a dress and a swimsuit.

[  My gift to you, my lovely model  ]

I removed the card from the dress as I looked at the simple dress and swimsuit on the bed.

Creamy white colors match with its soft fabric ornated simply with flowers. I could almost see it gently draping my curves. The loose material cupping my full breasts while that simple, ornate flower hugged the dress into my body, keeping it in place. The low hem at the back showed my shoulder blaze and the smooth sexy line of my spine, and don’t even make me start on the swimsuit beside it – that one piece almost had nothing left to the imagination with its intricate crochet stitches and teasing revealing designs.

No less from the great Z O’nier.

I quickly folded the dress and swimsuit and put it in my suitcase when I felt Cain clenched his jaw and fists, burning the dress and swimsuit with his fiery glare.

“I won’t wear them if you don’t want me too,” I gently whispered when the atmosphere turned oppressive.

Cain didn’t say anything as he closed his eyes like he was trying to calm himself.

“Do you have everything you need?” He said instead after a while, his voice a little rough.

I look at my suitcase and rechecked it.

“Clothes… towels… sunblock… makeup…  some pieces of jewelry… snacks… snacks… oh… I forgot the cheese tart!” I grabbed a box of cheese tart at the mini ref under the bedside table and carefully tucked it inside the suitcase and closed it.

“There, all done.”

I felt Cain’s mood brightened when he hugged me from behind before kissing my shoulder while I felt his bulged slightly rubbing against my butt.

“Are you sure you don’t want my jet to take you?”

I reached my hand into his hair as I tilted my head so he could kiss my neck. “No… that will just attract unwanted attention.”

“Mmm…. Alright… Let me take you to the airport, then.”

Cain released me and grabbed my suitcase. I carried little Pluffy and made our way into the parking lot.

“I’m Zoe Collin. I gotta’ say… I’m a huge fan! You’re even more gorgeous up close if I may add!” Zoe exclaimed in pure giggles as she extended both arms at Cain. “Can I have a hug?!”

“No.” Cain coldly replied.

“I’m just joking with you. But you are gorgeous though. Do you do one-night sta–!”

“Alright, that’s enough.” I got between her and Cain and placed little Pluffy on the cold man’s arms. I kissed and nuzzled my nose on the tired, drowsy little furball, making the cold man frowned.

“Take care of little Pluffy for me.” I pet little Pluffy some more before I focused my attention on the ever impatient man.

Cain just nodded.



After the awkward silence, I gave Zoe a meaningful glance.

“I’ll…… I’ll just… go ahead and wait for you on the other side.” Zoe shifted her teasing gaze between Cain and me some more before she strode off into the security check.

When I made sure that  she wasn’t looking, I quickly tiptoed and gave Cain a smack on the lips before I turned around and made my way – but of course, the unsatisfied man just grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him as he circled his hand around my waist, gluing our body while his other hand held little Pluffy to his side like a clutch bag.

Before I could even blink, his lips were already on mine, his tongue demanding entry inside my mouth which I obliged.

He twirled his tongue in my mouth some more before he led mine to enter his mouth to mate. My legs instantly gave way. It was a good thing that his hand was firmly on my waist – holding me tight against him.

We were panting when he decided to end the kiss.

He gently wiped my moist lips with his thumb before seductively licking our mixed saliva on his thumb while his intense eyes were burning me on the spot.

Instantly, I didn’t want to go to Hawaii anymore.

“I……. have…… to…. go……” I desperately forced the words to come out from my mouth.


I smiled and scratched little Pluffy’s chin and stole another smack on Cain’s lips before I turned around and entered the security check.

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