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Chapter 44: Her Story

“I slept with a cute stranger.”

Pfft! *Cough…… *cough…… *cough…!!” I placed the bottle of beer on the tray table as I wiped my nose and mouth from the spilled drink while I collected my bearings.

“Good for you~!” Estela patted Zoe’s head like she had done a great deed.

After we prank the Collin’s mother and daughter pair, we got back to our hotel and resumed drinking, determined to get drunk until morning when Zoe dropped a bomb at us.

I sat comfortably on the bed and faced the dejected girl in front of me while Estela was sitting on the other side of Zoe, opening a beer and gave it to the depressed girl.

“Explain,” I said.

Zoe drank her beer in one gulped and narrated how Emma Collin had drug her and was almost preyed victim to her stepmother’s evil plot. But was instead save when she bumped into a boy and how she and that boy made love all night and woken up the next day, finding that the stranger had already left. She also told the story about the time in Vegas when she met the boy again and how the boy didn’t recognize her.

I tried to remain calm about the whole situation, but my stunned face gave it all away.

“Wow! Even I have never thought that you would have sex with a stranger and a kid at that! You go girl!” Estela patted Zoe’s shoulder as she nodded to herself.

Zoe just lowered her head and bit her lips.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it.

“I’m just glad that you’re alright.”

Zoe snapped her head and looked at us confused. “Y-you…… you won’t judge me? Or say some boring things that adults would say?” She softly said.

“Why do we want to do that?” I wanted to raise my eyebrow at her, but it was not appropriate in this kind of situation since I was portraying to be a nice understanding person.

“I mean…… I slept with a stranger here. A kid even… I don’t even know his name and even shamelessly chased after him all the way to Izu Island, feeling all desperate.” Zoe softly laughed helplessly at herself. “I’m pathetic and completely… shameless.”

I squeezed her shoulder again and this time, with much more pressure.

“Zoe, if you ask me, you can do whatever the hell you want since you’re already earning money and can already take care of yourself. The ones who are shameless are those having sex while buying condoms and pills from their parents’ money.”

Zoe snickered, and I smiled in turn. She glanced at Estela.

Estela just tilted her head as she put her forefinger on her cheek. “I’m pretty screwed up myself, so I try not to judge others. But yeah. I agree with Leanna.”

“And you’re not pathetic. The way I see it. You were desperate – yes. But never pathetic. It’s his loss, not yours.”

“Yeah~ like maybe you don’t even like him and just like the sex and wanted another round or, he was your first man, so you’re attached to him.” We raised an eyebrow at Estela. “I heard that girls are usually attached to their first man.”

Zoe sighed and held her forehead. “I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. It’s just… It’s just… I feel like, he is another piece of me… Meeting him made me whole…”

“Well yeah… He plugged all your ho–”

Estela stopped when I shot her a deadly squint.

“Anyway, why not draw his face and give it to me. I can promise you that I’ll have him bondage up in less than a week for you to take your sweet revenge. Tehehehehe. I know! Why don’t you lock him up and drug him so he can be your personal sla–!” Estela stopped again when she felt my murderous glare.

“I’ll… I’ll just keep my mouth shut.” She charmingly chimed.

“You do that.” I ignored her and focused on Zoe.

“What do you want to do now? We can do what Estela suggested minus the bondage, kidnapping, and locking part.”

“You forgot the drug part.”

I snapped at Estela.

“Just saying~.”



Estela motioned her hand to zipped her mouth.

I sarcastically smiled and nodded at her.

“No, I think. I just…… I just want to get over him.” Zoe replied with a defeated, helpless tone.

I consolingly rubbed her back. “Hey, why don’t we plan another prank?” I grinned at her.

Zoe’s face lit up and she grabbed both Estela and me in an embrace.

“Thanks, guys.”

“Oh~! Group hug!” Estela edged closer towards me as she embraced my neck so we could form a circle.

“Alright! Enough of this drama. Let’s get wasted!!”

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