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Chapter 43: Discovery


Whimper . . .


Whimper . . .


Enough. Shes not coming home tonight.”


Cain stared at the annoying furball who was whimpering nonstop near the door. The annoying puff of fur was apparently waiting for Leanna to come home. He was stating his concerns when Leanna hadnt come back yet, pacing back and forth near the door while whimpering nonstop.


If not for this little annoying thing, Cain wouldnt be here since his wife was not home. But he made a promised to her to take care of annoying furball.


He leaned on the sofa and glanced at the clock.


[7:07 PM]


My love must be at that girls dorm by now.




He checked his phone when his wifes alluring face appeared on the screen.


[Wife: Cain, change of plans.

Well be sleeping at Grand Hotel.

Were heading out now to a dance club . . .

blah . . . blah . . . blah . . .]


. . . out now to a dance club . . .


. . . to a dance club . . .


. . . dance club . . .




He scrambled to his feet and called Russell to get ready his car.


Arf! Arf!


Cain glanced at the little furball who was desperately clinging to his leg when he moved to the door to exit the unit.


I dont have time for this!


He grabbed the little ball of fur and carried him like a clutch bag on his side and took long strides towards the elevator.

Hot dump air oozes from the one-way full-length glass balcony reserved for the VVIPs in a high-end dance club in New Haven.


Russell slid an eye at the cold man, who was almost drooling, watching a pretty sexy girl gyrating on the dance floor.


The three dancing girls down there were smoking hot, seducing everyone around them. Though Russell had many experiences with women due to his line of work, his body still combusts with heat at the sight of them.


Russell tried to keep his head steady as to avoid gazing at both his and his Young Masters bulging pants. He could only endure the agony as his cock throbbed against his pants. He was pretty sure that a zipper mark trailed the length of his shaft by now, a remembrance of this night.


Make sure no one can approach even a meter at them,” Cain said, not minding the coarseness of his voice.


Our men are already surrounding them.”


Mm . . .”


Cains eyes remained bewitched at the pretty girl dressed in a dangerous tempting black maxi dress. Her smooth, glowing damp skin was more enticing under the dim lights. Although the outfit was not hugging her body, the loose dress only made it worse when the soft fabric followed her voluptuous curves, dangerously swaying with her hips, tempting the viewers with every sway. The sweet torture of her creamy white thighs, peeking with her every move. Her round bountiful shaking butt and full soft bouncing breasts were enough to make one go mad and salivate with lust.


This was the first time he saw his Leanna like this . . .


. . . so wild and unrestrained.


Cain gulped his brandy in one swig.




He commanded, didnt hide the urgency in his voice.


When Cain was sure that he was alone in the room while the little furball remained fixated looking down, wiggling here and there as his round puppy eyes followed Leannas every move, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.


He leaned against the full-length window. His forehead resting on the back of his palm, plastered on the glass while his other hand was busy relieving himself as he watched and fantasized about his wife.


His limits were already at its breaking point!

Weve already erased all their videos on the way going to the Colins estate, young master.”


Russell said after he erased the videos of Leanna, Estela, and Zoe, caught by the street camera, going to the Collins mansion.


Mmm . . . disable all cameras in the estate.”


On it.”


Cains lips hooked up at the new surprising, sexy-hot mischievous things about his wife. The grin on his face widened as he listened to their conversation through the tracking devices hidden in her jewelry.


Leanna was unexplainable. She was a good girl at first, but once he got to know her, he realized . . .


She was everything.


Shes intelligent.


Shes strong.


Shes funny.


Shes sexy.


Shes crazy.


He was always caught in surprise by her actions that he couldnt help but guess what shell do next.


He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair. After a moment, he couldnt suppress a laugh.


I cant get enough of her . . .

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