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Chapter 42: Idea

“Oh~! Her sleeping posture is just ridiculous.” Estela low remarked made me smirked.

I kept myself from snickering at the sight of Sophia’s sleeping position. She was lying on her back, her mouth parted and snores occasionally filled the quiet room. Both her arms were raised above her head as her legs were separated from each other in wide gaps.

She looks like a frog that’s about to be dissected.


Estela brought out something from her thigh, and I was surprised to found that it was a customize foldable camera.

Now I know why she can hide that thing.

“Estela… What are you doing?” I hissed, keeping my voice as low as possible.

“Taking pictures… You know, to blackmail her later. I think we should also undress her and have a vibrator stuck in her pu–”

“Okay, that’s enough out of you.”

“Shhh…… you guys keep your voice down. I’m working here.” Zoe quietly and carefully placed the cream on Sophia’s eyebrows. Sophia remained unmoved and very much asleep like she was a hibernating bear.

I could see Zoe’s shoulders trembled as she tried to control her laughter.

“I can’t wait for her debut next week…. *snort…. just thinking about…. *snort…. how shiny bald she is…… Ahahaha.” Zoe grabbed her mouth with one hand and her stomach with the other as she desperately contained her laughter to a minimum.

This girl has issues.

“Hey, you guys… come here~.”

“What is it?” I tiptoed to Sophia’s closet to where Estela was.

An elegant enchanted flowery dress stumbled my eyes.

“Is this–?”

“Her dress for the debut…” Zoe exclaimed, then a broad smile formed on her lips.

“What are you doing?” I whispered when Zoe roamed around the room to find something.

“Searching for a scissor.” She nonchalantly hummed.

This girl is pure evil!

I grinned and helped her hunt for anything sharp.

“Estela, don’t just stand there. Help us search.”

I nudged Estela’s shoulder when I noticed that the girl was just intently staring at that dress.

“I have a better idea. Help me~.”

Estela slightly raised her dress and pulled out a small metal object from her thigh.

Does she have a magical pouch in there or something that things just magically pops out?

I held my breathe when Estela pressed something on that metal object and out a small knife.

“Whoa. Awesome. Now we can rip off the dress.” Zoe rubbed her hands together; her blue eyes glint deviously.

“Silly~ we’re not going to rip off the dress.”

“We’re not?” I asked.

“Of course not. We are going to humiliate her more in front of everybody on the day of her debut.” Estela smirked. “Come on now, help me up and raise the dress.”

Zoe and I looked at each other, and then we quietly obeyed Estela’s every instructions.

“Alright, we’re done.” After a few slashes here and there, Estela got up and wiped off the invisible sweat from her forehead.

“What have you done exactly?” I glanced at the still intact dress. It was still the same as the first time I saw it.

“You’ll see.” Estela darkly snickered.

“Zoe, where are you going?” I called out when Zoe darted off, heading towards a room that seemed to be the bathroom.

“Give me a second.”

What is that girl up to now?

I followed Zoe into the bathroom and saw the girl squeezed out half of the content of a bottled shampoo and then stuffed some hair removing cream inside that bottle.

Wow! This girl’s hatred runs deep!

“Alright, let’s go to that two face bitch’s room.”

Zoe stood up, and we followed her quietly into her step mother’s bedroom.

Zoe skillfully unlocked the master’s bedroom, and we tiptoed inside.

We hovered in front of the sleeping face of Emma and Arnold Collin.

We glanced at each other – grinning mischievously.

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