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Chapter 41: Devious


What is that? I asked suspiciously.


Tehehehe~ Are we going to lay bare naked in front of each other now as we wax our pu––ump!


I shoved my hand against Estelas mouth.


Ewww! Yuck! Taste like vomit! Estela recoiled, rubbing her tongue against her dress.


I have a much better idea than to wax our pu––


Ookkaayy! What is the idea? I cut Zoe off.


Zoe grinned and dangled the plastic bag in front of us.


Youll soon find out. Lets go.”


I watched as Zoe went inside the car. I grabbed Estelas dress when the girl walked past me.


Hand over the keys. Ill drive from now on,” I demanded.


Another hellish ride like that, and I swear, all my nine lives would deplete.


Ehhh . . . Why~? Estela whined and pouted, looking all cute at me.


Do you want me to tell Cain that you almost got us killed not once but many times?


Estela pursed her lips. Bummer.” Then she gave me the keys.


We hopped unto the car and drove off to who knows where.

Zoe, enlighten me, why are we in front of your house?


I glanced over at the two-story mansion encased in gigantic gates.


Isnt it obvious? Zoe sneered. To get back at that evil two-faced bitch, Emma and that plastic hypocrite slut, Sophia.”


I raised my eyebrow at her. By doing what exactly?


Zoe grabbed the wax from the plastic bag and handed it to me. Its a cream for removing hairs. Just apply that little baby for five minutes and poof! Youll be shiny than the flat end of a frying pan!


My eyes stretched in disbelief.


Estela clapped her hands and jumped on her toes, couldnt contain her excitement.


Oh~! I like where this is going!


Come on. I know a secret passageway that will let us enter undetected. I used it all the time when I wanted to sneak out.”


Zoe bolted at the back of the estate with us trailing behind her. We stopped in front of the back gates, and Zoe lightly knocked to check the lower stones. After seconds, she removed some rocks with ease and a hole enough to fit a single person stumbled our view.


Come on, this way.” Zoe crawled all the way into the backyard as we followed behind her. Then we sprinted all the way to the back door when the cameras shifted to the other side.


The cameras are only placed outside. There are no cameras inside the house, so were safe.” Zoe pulled a hairpin she bought at the convenience store, and like a pro, unlocked the back door.


This girl can be a thief!


Zoe raised her finger in front of her lips, signaling us to be quiet. We nodded, and entered the mansion.

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