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Chapter 40: Better Idea




I rubbed Zoes back as she vomited nonstop in the toilet bowl while Estela held her hair as to not get in the way with her puking.


I was just glad that we made it on time.


My eye squinted when the pungent, disgusting smell of vomit filled the toilet. I flushed her vomit as soon as she stopped so that the smell wouldnt linger.


Are you alright?I asked Zoe.


Ahahahaha, yeah. Sorry bout that.” Zoe hid her embarrassment with a laugh as she wiped her lips with a tissue and gave us an apologetic smile. Her eyes were all red and watery.


Do you want us to go home, or do you want to continue?I said because it was already eleven in the evening.


. . .


. . .


Zoe didnt answer right away. She seemed to be thinking before a wicked smile stretched her lips.


You know what? I have a much better idea.”

Estela, what happened to our driver? I asked when Estela opened the drivers seat after the valet brought our car.


I dismissed him~! she beamed. Ill be the one driving you ladies to orgasms tonight! Tehehehe~!


Alright, bitches! Lets go! Zoe opened the back door, which means that I have to take the dangerous co-pilot seat in front.


Estela, do you have a license? My hand shook as I secured my seatbelt.


Estela grinned and shook her head from side to side in slow motion.


I know how to stir the wheels. Its enough!


N-no, its not! I motioned to unbuckle my belt and get out of the car when the engine vibrated, and the car zoomed backward, hitting a lamp post.


It was a good thing that I was still wearing the seatbelt, or else, my face must be on the front window by now.


Ops! Wrong joy stick~! Tehehehe~!


Shit, Estela! Do you even know how to dri––ve!


Estela sprinted the car, steered the wheel, and made a sharp turn. I was roughly juggled left and right like in a roller coaster ride as Estela drove the vehicle at a dangerous 140klms/hr. Violating God knew how many traffic rules while Zoe was pointing directions in drunk abandon, laughing without a care.


I think the alcohol had gone to their brains.


I felt like I aged a hundred times when finally, the car stopped in front of a convenience store. I fumbled to unbuckle my belt and ran to the nearest landscape and vomit like crazy.


Take care of Leanna, Ill be right back.” Zoe said to Estela and went inside the convenience store while Estela rubbed my back.


After my stomach vomited all its remains, I wiped my lips with my hand just in time for Zoe to come out of the building holding a plastic bag of . . .



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