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Chapter 39: Dance Club


The car drove us into a high-end dance club. The entrance was lined by hundreds of wealthy teenage and college students waiting to have some fun.


The car stopped at the back entrance, and after Estela said a few words to our driver, we entered the club. The two bearded muscled men didnt even stop us as Estela led us inside.


As soon as we entered I was assaulted by an overpowering smell of different perfumes and body sprays with mixtures of sweat. I breathed through my mouth when that familiar feeling of dizziness assaulted my brain, which made me want to puke.


We were in the dark hallway where only flashes of disco lights illuminated the surroundings towards the wide spacious dance floor where mass people wiggled their bodies from the DJs wild mixed of sounds.

The music was so loud it resonated with my bones, and I felt my skeleton buzzing. It was like my spine was a vibrator, shaking my whole body to the beat of the music. The lights blinked on and off and changed colors in rhythm to the sounds. It made the entire scene played in slow motion.


Estela grabbed my hand as I caught Zoes hand when we arrived on the dance floor. Estela then led us towards a reserved table.


Once we were seated and settled ourselves, I swept the place. There was a bar counter near our table and above the bar counter was a balcony with a full-length one-way glass reserved for VVIPs.


The place was pack even on a Wednesday night, and no one seemed to notice us amidst the chaotic dimly lit room. Much to my relief.


Most of the guys wore trousers and jeans with their shirt tucked in while the girls wore body-hugging revealing clothes most in tube top or backless top with skirts and high heeled boots complete with glittery makeup.


My observation was disturbed when a waiter served us three glasses of zombie.


My eyes widened at Estela.


Tehehehehe~ No better way to lose ourselves than a savage dose of zombie~!


. . .


. . .


Minutes later, we were rocking on the dance floor, completely wasted, and high. Our insecurities, together with our modesty, were drunk with us.


My throat screamed for water as I caught my breath. I excused myself and went towards the bar counter.


Barman! Water if you please! I shouted amidst the loud noise.


I felt refreshed as the soothing cold water glide down my throat. I didnt return to the dance floor when I sobered a little. I wasnt that drunk since I knew my limit. Among the rest of us, Zoe held the victory with her one and a half shot of zombie.


She must have her issues.


Hi, beautiful! Where have you been all my––


I have a dick,” I said, not looking at the man.


Even without glancing at him, I knew his eyes were wide by now. Then he turned and meekly walked away.


I didnt know how many times it was that men approached me. Honestly, I lost count. I was getting bored at hearing their usual pickup lines.


My attention shifted to Zoe.


The girl was a natural at dancing. She could be a sexy dancer or a pole dancer. Then my eyes slid at the awkward little charming girl, dancing together with Zoe.


Estela is . . . well –– cute.


She knew that she was an awkward dancer with her weird moves, but she still dances like she was the best dancer there was.


I laughed my hearts out until I noticed Zoe froze and covered her mouth.


Oh, my God! Shes going to puke!

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