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Chapter 38: Doll Up


—- Nicholas Farrell and Zoe Collins engagement –  broken off —-


Thats right! Zoe!


She was avoiding me yesterday. Maybe because of what happened on Monday?


I wonder whats wrong with her?


What is it?


Sensing my troubled expression, Cain asked with a worried voice.


After seconds of just staring at the newspaper, I took a deep breath and look at Cain with a serious expression.


I . . . I wont be home tonight.”




The protest and unwillingness in his voice made me hesitate. But I couldnt shake my worry about Zoe.


I think . . . something is wrong with Zoe. I want to go and check her tonight . . .” I pause and added with finality. In her dorm.”


Cains eyebrows twitched. You can go, but I dont think you should sleep in her dorm. Ill fetch you tonight however late it is.”


A smile broke my worried expression, and I poked a finger between his creased eyebrows and massaged it.


I think I should spend the night to make her feel that shes not alone.”


. . .


. . .


Cain sighed through his nose. Ill only agree if youll take Estela with you.” The finality in his tone spoke to me that either that or nothing at all.


Alright. Ill tell Estela later.”

Again . . . What am I doing here?


Zoe woke up from her trance when I sat her down in front of the dresser so I could do her make up.


We were in Grand Hotel, preparing to lose ourselves later. After class, Estela and I agreed to kidnapped Zoe and party later until we vomit all our insides out.


Of course, that was a metaphor. I hate clubs . . . but hey! As they say, get drunk and let loose was the best way to forget all your troubles . . .


. . . Sorta.


You better keep your mouth shut, or this eyeliner might poke your eye,” I warned.


Leanna, Im sorry, alright? I have a lot of things––


Yes, yes, theres a lot of things going on with you right now,” I cut in. Thats why we are going to get wild later to forget those –– a lot of things.”


I have a class tom––!


Zip it, Zoe! Youre coming with us whether you like it or not. Thats the only way Ill forgive you.” I held her chin to keep her face steady as I did her eyebrows.




Hello, girlfriends~!


Estela chimed in as she entered our room together with . . . err . . . neatly dressed people, each holding dresses in both hands.


Zoe, which one do you want to wear?! This one or this one~?!


Estela, I dont wear dresses––


This one then!


Estela grabbed a blazing red scoop neck body-hugging mini tank dress paired with red bondage boots while saying, You have to wear a push-up bra so the scoop neck will have its effect and the mini tank will help your butt looks fuller and your legs longer. Tehehehehe~ Or you can forget the underwear all together! It will be more fun that way.” She winked.


. . .


. . .


No way in hell––!


Zoes protest was unheard as Estela cut her off. How about you, Leanna? Do you want this one or this one?


Estela, theyre too revealing. I dont want––


This one then!


Estela snatched a mid-thigh black maxi dress paired with slingback shoes. All right ladies! Time to doll up for the party~!


Do you even need our opinion at all? I murmured as I shook my head before I resumed doing Zoes eyes.

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