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Chapter 37: Appreciated

It was already twelve in the morning when I finished my report on Azuela Cove and VIOS and all other stuffs relating to my investments.

After I signed the papers and send all the reports to their respective recipients, I closed my laptop, took off my eyeglasses and placed it together with my laptop on the bedside table.

My eyeglasses were just for protection against radiation and glares since I often used computers and draw on my Wacom tablet.

I massaged my eyes and glanced at the sleeping man beside me.

Cain’s face was still hard cold handsome even asleep. The late nights of work were catching up under his eyes.

In the quiet, dim lit room, I could hear his peaceful breathing. His soft heartbeat was like a lullaby. It was even more soothing than the gentle tones of the musical box.

I carefully slid out from the bed and tiptoed my way into the dresser to get an eye cream.

After I slowly and quietly climbed back to bed, I gently tapped a cream under his eyes while being careful not to wake him. I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breathes until I finished applying the cream.

I grabbed his laptop and was about to place it on the bedside table when something caught my eyes.

On the screen were pictures, some words in PowerPoint and was half finish.

I guess he must have dozed off and didn’t finish his presentation.

Guilt ate up my heart. I couldn’t help but think that I was getting in the way of his work. He was clearly a busy man, yet he still gave me one hundred percent of his attention.

He would wake up early to accompany me to walked little Pluffy and would always try his best to come home at seven, so we could have dinner together.

Come to think of it. He was always the one who would cook breakfast or dinner, and I was like a Princess he would always serve.

I shook my head to get the negative feelings and thoughts out of my system.

I studied his presentation.

One thing that I was absolutely good at was using my eyes. Being an architect in my past life, making presentations for clients was easy as breathing.

I studied his use of colors, his text, his composition. When I have gotten everything that I needed, I began to finish his presentation for him.

Luckily, the presentation was all about VIOS, so I have an inkling about the project.

It was already past two in the morning when I wrap everything up. After I save and send the presentation to my email just in case the file would corrupt (I know, paranoid much) I placed his laptop on the bedside table together with mine, softly kissed his lips and then snuggled myself on his warm chest.

I tried to ignore the uneasy feeling brought by Cain’s constant glances at me in the kitchen. I volunteered to cook our breakfast and Cain was sitting in the dining table with his laptop. I know he must have noticed it by now.

Will he get angry?

Will he get angry that I butt my nose in his business without asking his permission first?

I served our food on the table and sat in front of him and poured his cup with his favorite lemon honeyed ginger tea.

I was about to retract my hand after I placed the teapot down when Cain grabbed it as he stared intently at me.

His angry at me!

His angry at me!

My hand quivered until Cain gave me a warm smile.

“Thank you.”



He circled his thumb on the back of my palm and warm feelings instantly flooded all of me.

“D-do you like it?” My body heated up, and I knew my face must be all red by now.

“I love it. It’s perfect. You’re even better than me at this. I can’t believe you’re just sixteen. Where did you learn to make professional business presentations?”

My face was red like a tomato at hearing all his compliments – until the last part of his sentence that made the colors of my face entirely vanished.

“I…. umm… You know that I love arts and designs. I just…. studied your composition… and just googled the rest….”

I bit my lips.

I hate it when I had to lie to him. I know he knows that I was not telling him the whole truth. Good thing that he didn’t press for more.

“Is that so… Thank you.” He softly kissed my hand and instantly, my blood boiled when I felt his hot moist tongue circling the back of my palm while his frosty eyes were fiercely held mine in captive.

“I-if you want… I-I can…… nghh…. do your…… mmm…… presentation… unghh… from now on…” I managed to squeak out the words as he licked and sucked my fingers.

“That will be a big help, Leanna. I appreciate it.” He released my fingers and pulled it to caressed his face as he closed his eyes, devouring the scent of my hand.

S-sensual!! Too sensual!!

Happiness, love and a sense of satisfaction and importance battled inside me.

Is this what he always feels when he serves me?

I wonder.

This feeling is quite addicting.

I wanted to caress his cold, smooth face some more – if not for my eyes that caught something on the newspaper in front of me.

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