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Chapter 36: Gifts


C-Cain . . . I-I cant anymore . . .”


Leanna . . . you can do it . . .”


Please . . . I think . . . *unghh . . . Ill choke . . .”


Just a little more, honey . . . Thats it, Leanna . . . swallow it all down . . .”


I almost spat the carrots when my throat refused to accept it. Teary eyes, I grabbed a glass of water and gulped it all down.


Ulp! I covered my mouth and forced my throat to swallow it inside in its rightful place when the disgusting thing threatened to go back up.


Good girl, Leanna . . . Youve finished your vegetables.” Cain patted my head and ruffled my hair in a doting manner.


I glared at him.


This was Cains first wish, for me to finish all my vegetables every day, and each week, he would give me a photo. The ruthless man, taking this opportunity, ordered vegetable dishes for dinner!


Unghh . . .


The lingering tastes of carrots made me want to vomit everything out. Seeing my sour face, Cain poured water into my glass, and I drank it all.


It was only a day, and it was already torture. But . . .


But . . .


My . . . precious . . .


Just thinking of those pictures when he was young made my mouth water. I didnt mind eating carrots or bitter gourd or legumes or eggplants or any icky-yucky vegetables! As long as I could have one of his rare photos.


Damn it!


Bring it on vile, abominable creations of earth! Im ready for you!

I tried not to gape at the mountain of gifts when we entered our bedroom.


These were all the gifts Cain bought for me in his three weeks business travel. I hadnt gotten the chance to open it yet when we arrived yesterday for I was exhausted to the bones.


Now, thinking about opening it all tires me.


I shot a peek at the man beside me, oozing with expectations. I bit my lip, feeling a little guilty for not feeling thrilled at his gifts. I sat on the carpeted floor, trying my best to be excited on the first box my hand laid on.


Cain sat down beside me while Little Pluffy was curious at what we were up to as he wiggled his way into me and rested his fat furry self on my lap.


Cain grabbed him and put him down on the carpet. I stifled a laugh as I patted little Pluffys head when the little guy grumpily slumped his chubby body beside me.


I sighed and shifted my attention to unwrapping the piles and piles of gifts before me. There was a disadvantage of being rich. Material things didnt excite me as much as those times when I didnt have money.


Never would I expect that Cain could still make me squeal in delight when different flavored snacks, unknown to me, stumbled my eyes.




Nothing excites me better than food! Especially if I havent tried it yet. Almost half of the gifts were different flavored snacks, and all have nuts, lots of cream and cheese, vanilla and chocolate –– my favorite flavors!


There were some bags, clothes, and pieces of jewelry as well. But what caught my attention was the four sets of one square meter safe box full of Bijoux expensive customized charm beads made of different rare stones. A vintage music box, and a coin size musical locket with an aquamarine diamond in the center covered by white gold carvings.

I didnt dare imagine the price of all his gifts.


Do you like it?


Cain extended his hand to support his weight as he inched closer to me.


. . .


. . .


Instead of answering, I hugged him and planted feather-light kisses on his cheeks.


I love it! Thank you so much!


Cain smiled as he shifted his head, and our lips met in a deep kiss.


My pleasure . . . ,” he murmured between kisses.


My hands gripped the back of his head and deepened the kiss.


I love this man . . . 💗

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