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Chapter 35: My Precious


I looked at the bundles of cute stationary envelopes in my hand and stared at the charming lady in front of me.

Just looking at Estela’s cheery blooming face was enough to know that she and Zhander made up.

I restrained a smile to form on my lips and pretended to still be hurt on the way she acted at me yesterday.

“What’s this?”

Estela smiled and hopped towards me in a tight embrace. She glanced at Cain beside me and whispered.

“It’s my collection of my brother’s photos. You can have it as an apology for my behavior yesterday, as well as, thanks for helping Zhander and me.”

Instantly, my hands circled on that bundle of envelopes. Guarding it with my life.

“Tehehehehe. I’ll wait for you in the lobby!” Then Estela ran towards the elevator, leaving me all alone to battle Cain’s scrutinizing gaze.

“What is it?”

“N-nothing important.”

I turned around to avoid his scrutiny and jogged towards my room. Determined to lock my treasure in my vault for me to ogle and fantasize later after school when Cain was still at work.

But of course, Cain was a tall man towering at six foot while I was just five feet and seven inches. His slender legs were longer than mine.

Before I could even grab the handle of my bedroom door, Cain blocked my way as he extended his hand.

“Hand it over.” He said, full of authority and arrogance.

Unconsciously, I shifted my hands, holding that bundle of envelopes in my back, away from his chilling eyes.

“Leanna……,” he warned.

Built with the instinct to survive, I dashed off to exit my unit.

I turned the door handle when a sturdy pair of hands circled my waist, pulling me into an embrace.


Laughter escaped my lips when Cain started to tickle me into submission.

Little Pluffy was jolted awake. He didn’t know how to respond to the situation upon seeing Cain attacking me until tears glistened in my eyes. He growled at Cain, but the cold man just glanced at him with his piercingly cold constricted pupils, and the furball immediately curled himself, bringing his tiny paws to cover his eyes as he trembled under the cold, ruthless man.

“Ahahaha! S-stop! Aahahaha! S-stop it!” My eyes began to fog as my mind became dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

“Leanna… Be a good girl and hand it to me.”


I flinched when he savagely plunged his tongue into my ear, causing the bundle of envelopes to flew out of my hands.

I wanted to stop him from snatching my bundle of fantasies, but the gasping for air became my body’s number one priority.

Cain stared intently at the photos, and then he glanced at me with a plastered smirk on his face.

Ahh…… My precious……

He then leisurely sat on the sofa, leaned on the headrest, crossed his legs, and pressed his fingertips together like an emperor that was about to judge his servants.

I quickly stood in front of him, extending my hand.

“Give it back,” I demanded.

“These photos have my face on it. It belongs to me.”

“That’s not fair! Estela gave it to me.”

“I have the right to my photos.”

I opened my mouth, wanted to retort, but no sound came out.

Finally, I crossed my arms, straightened my back and look down at him, trying to act all high and mighty.

“I can always ask Estela to give me another one.”

Cain just smirked.

“I wonder who Estela will heed between the two of us.”

I gasped and widened my eyes at him.

I couldn’t believe that this man would argue with a sixteen years old teenage girl!

So childish!

“Leanna… How about this… A picture for a wish.”


“You don’t want to? Then I guess I have to burn all of these, then.”

No! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” I went on my knees and gripped his waist when he motioned to stand up.

Cain smirked and patted my head.

“Good girl Leanna… Now, for my first wish.”

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