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Chapter 34: The Choice

Zhander was taken aback. He didn’t answer for a moment, his face contorted in confusion.

After a while, he avoided my gaze in guilt.

I smirked.

I instantly knew his choice.

I leaned in even closer towards him.

“Well……” I probed.

Why does it have to be Estela……?” His voice was low, barely audible. It was like, he was saying it more to himself.

Come on Zhander, you can do it.

“Why not Estela?”

Zhander harshly turned to look at me.

“Leanna, Estela is like a……. s-sister to me. I can’t choose between you or my…… family.”

Finally, Zhander lost his cool as his voice cracked.

“Maybe so…… but the thing is Zhander…” I smirked.

“Estela is not your sister.”



I could see droplets of cold sweat forming on Zhander’s nose and forehead even though his face remained expressionless. He stayed still, yet I could see the anxiousness in his small gestures. His eyes shifting left and right. His fingers were alternating between tapping and stopping on the table.

Finally, he paused and turned to look at me. His deep violet eyes were steady and calm.

I knew he had gotten his feelings sorted by now.

“Why is it that you made me choose between you and Estela? Just like any other of my previous girlfriends?”

I leaned back on my chair feeling exhausted.


“Don’t underestimate women, Zhander. We can feel if the other person truly loves us or not, especially if we have feelings for that person. Call it…. a woman’s institution or instincts if you will. Your ex-girlfriends must have felt that you don’t truly love them, that’s why they made you choose. And of course, I don’t have to tell you why you’ve broken up because you always choose Estela, right?”

Zhander sighed and grabbed my hands.

“Leanna, I really do like you–”

“Zhander. I know. I can see it in your eyes. No need to re-affirm your feelings towards me… What I don’t understand is…” I grinned at him.

“Why are you still here?”



Zhander released my hands and got up.

He gave me a warm smile as he ruffled my hair like an older brother would do.

“Thank you.” Then he strode off.

I guess it will be a one heaven night for you Estela.

I snickered.


One more thing to take care off.

I licked my lips.

I stood up and slowly walked towards a solitary table at the corner of the room with two men sitting there.

The two gorgeous men were trying to hide their presence to no avail as men and women alike threw occasional glances at them.

The cold, indifferent man was hard to miss with his intense, violent, oppressive killing aura, like any moment now, he would pull out a gun and massacre everyone on sight.

While the long-haired man in front of him could barely contain his excitement at the idea. I could even see his hand inside his hidden pocket. And it seemed like he was just waiting for the cold man’s words, and the deed would be done.

I slightly shook my head in amusement.

I walked behind that cold man and tightly embraced his neck. I bent my body to push my full breasts against his warm solid back and blew hot air behind his ear until I felt him tremble.

“I love you more,” I whispered.

Cain’s violent, killing intent vanished like smoke – replaced by warmth and love.

“I’m glad you know.”

He whispered back before he tilted his head to kiss me fervently.

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