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Chapter 33: Choose


The simple Zen-like interior complimented the elegance of the modern restaurant. Cozy padded chairs and pristine linen draped on each table. Subtle paintings hanged on the monotonous colored walls. Highlighting the center of the room was an aquarium which stretched from ceiling to floor, glittering like waterfall under the dim lights.


It was intimate.


A lovers restaurant.


I wanted to ogle at the interior if not for the handsome man in front of me. Zhander was wearing an all-black tieless three-piece suit, showcasing the sexy line of his collarbone and the drool-worthy slit of his chest.

My nose flared beyond my control, smelling his alluring scent. A mixture of bittersweet chocolate and sweat. Very much male. Very much enticing.


Of course, Cain still smells the best!


I smiled at the thought.


How are you?


Zhanders pleasant voice waked me.


Fine. A little busy with school.”


How come I can no longer contact you? Is something wrong with your phone?


I dont know what youre talking about. I just called you a while ago.”


Zhanders brows furrowed. It must be Cain then.”


What does Cain have to do with anything? I thought.


. . .


. . .




Was the reason why I hadnt received calls or messages from Zhander since Cain and I started dating was because the man had done something on my phone. Like blocking Zhander out?


I restrained a snicker from barking out my lips. Afraid Zhander would take offense. I straightened my back, intertwined my fingers on top of the table and with all seriousness, stared Zhander in the eyes, exerting my authority over the situation.


Lets get to the main point of why I asked you to meet with me today.”


Zhander raised his hand, stopping me from talking.


Leanna, please . . . Dont ask me to stop pursuing you.” He placed his elbows on the table and leaned closer towards me. Im serious about you.”


His robust built and alluring scent enticed me, and I had to move back to break away from being pulled into his charms.


Zhander, please consider my feelings––


Leanna. I can be a better man than Cain. What he can give you, I can give more.”


Zhanders voice turned overbearing and a little pleading as he repeated the words he said to me in New York.


Honestly, I should have lashed out at him right about now, but I couldnt seem to get angry nor irritated with this man.


Zhander, its not about what you or Cain can give me. Nor is it having something you have that Cain doesnt. It so happens that the one I fell in love with . . . is Cain,” I explained with a gentle and soft voice, being careful not to hurt him.


Leanna, all Im asking is for you to give me a cha––


No, Zhander,” I cut. Cheating and disloyalty are never in my dictionary,” I said with finality without any room for argument.


. . .


. . .


Zhander gradually leaned on the couch. Shoulders slumped with a defeated expression. Like the world had ended.


I felt pity and a little guilty. I reached out and consoled him.


Zhander, I like you . . . but its not love. Its more a level of like for a friend or a brother. I know you feel the same way about me too. Youre just confused.”


I guess I was not really made for consoling people when Zhanders face turned dark. It looked terrifying in the dim lights as the air between us turned violent and oppressive.


Dont you dare say you know how I feel when here I am, begging and pleading . . .  shamelessly asking you to give me a chance! His tone was rough while his voice was accusing as his eyes narrowed. 


Oh! You didnt just use that tone on me, little man!


My heart pounded, and my blood rushed to my brain, giving its needed oxygen. My muscles tensed, ready for action.


Alright. Let me give you a hint then. Imagine, if Estela and I are about to fall to our doom and you can only save one.” I leaned closer to him. My teasing eyes locked on his.


Who will you choose?

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