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Chapter 32: Internal Struggles


Hey! Have you heard what happened to Edward Walsh and Reynold Barks?


Keep this a secret. My brothers friend is a doctor at the hospital where those two are in. He said that they are suffering from . . . severe anal fissure.”


Y-you mean like . . . *gulp . . . they were . . . raped by men?


Seems like it.”


Guys! Is it true that Rowan is gay?!


Must be. Some of the girls who he slept with confessed that Rowan couldnt get it up.”

So his reputation as a notorious player is a lie to cover his true sexuality?


No wonder he doesnt have a girlfriend. It turns out, he wanted a boyfriend!


Thats nothing compared to Holley and Nixons engagement. I thought Holley is in love with Cain Fay?!


Dont you know? There were rumored scandal videos of them circulating all over the net, but it was magically erased. But not until some people took a glimpse of it.”


Really?! I soooo wanted to watch that steamy video. Do you have a copy?






I ignored the murmurs and the occasional thrown glances at me.


I shifted my attention at the two swollen eyes, lifeless ladies, sitting opposite me.


Hey! What happened to the two of you?!I asked.


I snapped my fingers at Estela and Zoe, but Estela ignored me while Zoe just threw a bored look at me and resumed playing with her food.


Nothin’ . . . ,” Zoe replied as she played with her meatballs. She then put down her fork altogether and met my eyes.


Dont mind us. Dont you know the latest rumors about you?


Why wont she tell me whats troubling her? I leaned on my chair and crossed my arms.


No, I dont,” I said, disinterest in my voice.


You know,” Zoe started, at the start; you were labeled as a poor farmers daughter. You were the slut who slept for money and now . . . Youre some kind of a member of an international mafia organization.”


I snickered and looked at her funny. Ahahaha! I like the last one––


It must be nice knowing that someone is protecting you.”


I froze at Zoes indifferent words. Her voice stained with jealousy.


Zoe, what are you––


You have a loving family. A cool awesome boyfriend who will do anything to protect you. You have . . . everything that I dont.”


Zoes tone was accusing, and her last sentence was barely a whisper. Like she was saying it more to herself.


This is serious!




I grabbed her hand, but she recoiled.


I-Im sorry . . . I just . . . have a lot of things on my mind. I have to go.” Zoe seized her things and exited the cafeteria without glancing back.


I gaped at Estela in disbelief. What happened in Vegas?


Estela shrugged her shoulders as her lifeless eyes stared daggers at me. Leanna, I know its not your fault, but I cant help but feel jealous of you.”




Zhander said hes serious about you and will continue to pursue you.”


Estelas voice was monotonous and dead. Gone was the melodious harp like tone.


And you believe him?


Leanna . . . ,” she breathes. Ive known Zhander for years to know if hes serious or not.”


Before I could react, Estela stood and snatched her things.


Lets go. Well be late for class.”


She smiled, yet her eyes glint in the opposite way. She then went out of the cafeteria without waiting for me.


What the hell happened?!


I realized that no matter how hard as steel Zoes heart had become or how cheery and bubbly Estela was –– they were still normal teenage girls undergoing internal struggles.


I brought out my phone and dialed Zhanders number.

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