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Chapter 31: Danger!


—- Edward Walsh and Reynold Barks found half-dead on a shore in east Connecticut. Their state remains to be determined as their family didnt disclose any information as of yet, saying the recovery of their sons takes priority. Continued on page —-


—- Rowan Aaron saw entering a gay bar together with a beautiful transgender woman. The woman said that Rowan is an avid customer at the bar.


It seems like the notorious player is a notorious gay. Juicy details on page —-


—- Hawthorne Joness twelve-year-old granddaughter was brutally raped by unknown men after the girl was kidnapped on Friday and was found in an abandoned building just yesterday. Continued on page —-


I move the muscles in my eyelids, wiping my eyeballs clean, making sure that the pictures and the news were real.


—- Holley Goldwood and Nixon Mandeville ENGAGED! Shocking news on page —-


What happened while I was enjoying myself in Vegas?

We just got home in my unit in New Haven, and the Monday morning news shocked me awake.


It was okay if it was just one of the people who crossed me, but these were the people who attacked and spread rumors about me these past few weeks. And only a matter of three days I was not in New Haven, this happened?


This is not a coincidence.


I glanced at the cold, indifferent man in front of me and found him already staring at me.




My brain screamed, but my heart retorted otherwise.


My mind quieted down, afraid that Cain could hear her warnings when he stood behind me. He covered my hands with his on the table as he bent his body, lips grazing my ear.


Whats wrong?he asked in complete innocence.


I swallowed hard.


C-Cain . . . d-did you . . . did this?


That was a stupid question. I already knew the answer, but some parts of me wanted to confirm as I couldnt believe this man, who was nothing but loving to me, could be this cruel.


What if I did . . . ? he whispered, gently biting my ear.


I gasped, couldnt move nor say anything.


Are you afraid? he murmured between bites.


Am I?


I bit my lips, holding the moans that threatened to escape when he put more strength in biting my earlobe.


Unconsciously, I nodded.


Cain abruptly released my ear as his gripped on my hands tightened. His fingers digging into my palms, and I groaned in pain.


Its too late, Leanna. I wont ever let you go.”


I could see him with his overbearing face, looking down at me with constricted pupils, exerting his dominance.


And oddly . . .


Oddly . . .


I was excited. Thrilled even!


Ahh . . . I really am an M.


I look over at his handsome face just inches above mine.


Im more afraid of losing you,” I whispered.


. . .


. . .


The suspense, thrilling, horror atmosphere disappeared, replaced by warm pink sunshine, sprouting tropical flowers and trees, melodious chirping birds accompanied by rhythmic strumming guitars in the background.


Cain shot me a loving smile before he kissed me.

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