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Chapter 30: Fly with Me

I could feel Cain’s laughter, clearly enjoying my agony.

The wind was rushing all around us, smacking my face. My heart racing than ever, making me tear up.

Falling at around one hundred thirty miles an hour was like standing in front of a wind tunnel.

In less than twenty seconds, the ground came into view.

Then the parachute came out, and we glided through the air at a gentle fifteen miles an hour.

Gliding into the open skyline, awe and amazement replaced the nervousness and panic I felt.

Seeing nature in its raw beauty in a new perspective brought me a new sense of overwhelming emotions.

Is this what the birds always see? Is this how they see the world?

I wonder.

Cain guided my body to the right to land to an open field.

A smile crossed my face as we were now drifting slowly downward with my face skyward and our feet earthbound.

The ground came closer and closer.

It looks solid.

Definitely able to break some bones.

Instantly, panic rushed in again.

I tightened my grip on the parachute like it was my lifeline.

“C-Cain… i-if I d-die… t-take care of my family.” I wobbly said due to too much fright. I was about to cry again.

“Leanna… If you die, I’ll die with you. Then we can get married in the underworld.” Cain chuckled.

I couldn’t believe that this guy could still joke at a time like this!

We are still a thousand feet above for heaven’s sake!!!

“Don’t worry… I got this.” Cain whispered with a confident rasping, smoky voice.

Usually, my underwear should have fallen to the ground by now – if not for that air pressure that kept it up on my body!

After some moments more, we landed perfectly or should I say – Cain, landed perfectly on both feet while carrying me, princess style!

I could almost see how he was standing in a cool position while carrying a damsel in distress in his strong arms, complete with awesome music playing in the background.

I immediately wiggled myself free from the parachute and from his embrace.

I ran on the open field, stumbling and staggering along the way while laughing hysterically.

I looked up at the sky and smiled – a sense of accomplishment flooded my heart.

“Fuck you Heavens!!! I’m aallliiivvveeee!!!”

I went down on my knees and kissed the ground.

“Yes! Yes! I love you ground!!”

Then abruptly went up as fast as I went down and beat my chest like King Kong.

“I’m a tiger!! Hear me rooooaaarrr!!!

I shouted at the top of my lungs until my voice became hoarse.

Cain just laughed his heart out while Russell shook his head, amused.

Cedrick and Two looked at me like I needed mental help.

After some time, Cain tapped my shoulder and grinned.

“Want another round?”

“Nah uh!”

I escaped his clutches and ran towards the forest like a crazy woman.

Cain chuckled some more before he sprinted, going after me.

After a peaceful silence.

Startled birds flew out from the trees from our laughter and giggling, echoing in the entire forest.

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