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Chapter 28: He Wins

“It was a first for me seeing such deep brown eyes full of emotions. Your eyes have always been honest and genuine. I was happy, just staring at you until my greed wanted more of you. I knew by then that I was falling for you.”

My eyes remained captivated by his.

I didn’t know how to respond.

I was always a sucker in expressing my feelings. I didn’t even know how this man could easily express his.

I pouted and ‘huramp’ instead.

“Wasn’t it maybe because you’re just happy to finally experience love for the first time?”

Ahh… I wanted to hit myself.

You’re supposed to be expressing your feelings to him!! Not argue with him! Idiot!!

Cain just softly smiled, gently pinching my nose.

“Leanna…., it’s not being in love that makes me happy… It’s being in love with you that makes me happy.”



I bit my lip.

Say something…!

Even though he didn’t say it, I still felt that he wanted me to say something to him.

Wanted me to re-affirm our relationship.

Our affection.

He wanted to hear some kind of assurance from me – that I feel the same way he does.

Idiot! Say something!


What should I say?



What should I say? When my feelings couldn’t fit into words.



The atmosphere grew tense that a knife would be able to cut it.



“I love you, Leanna.”

I gasped.

My brain, like always when facing this man, short-circuited again. My stomach churned violently. My heart wanted to come out from my chest with her vigorous beating. I turned to breathe through my mouth when I felt that breathing with my nose was not enough to calm myself.

Cain’s ‘I love you’s’ was not like any other ‘I love you’s’ that I heard from Tristan nor from my friends nor from my families.

When saying the words, his face seriously calm, voice smoky, not a shred of doubt. But that was not it – it was his tone.

His helpless tone.

It was like saying he couldn’t help it, I’m already hopelessly in love with you.

“Do you also love me?”

I was surprised when his voice became serious and confrontational.

I forced to avert my gaze.

How in the world did our conversation ended up like this?

“Y-you already know the answer… I wouldn’t be here with you today if I didn’t.”

I raised my fingers in front of my lips when his face edges forwards to mine.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I-I already did a while ago.”

“I want to hear you say it again.”

This man is so stubborn!


I lost it when his voice became pleading like a child.

Is this his new found voice to get what he wanted?

‘Cause it’s working!!

“T-t… I-I….”

“Leanna… Please……”

Oh, God!!

When his child-like pleading voice didn’t work, he changed it into a soft, brittle hoarse voice that was about to cry.

“D-don’t…! I love you! I love you! Alright?!”

I was overwhelmed with too much emotion that I blurted out the words.

Cain’s face held a satisfied triumphant smirk.

Damn it! I lost again!

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