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Chapter 26: Dark Side


I didnt know how it happened, but Cain and I teleported inside my room in one of the five-star hotels in Vegas.


When we arrived before, Estela had already booked a room for each one of us in this hotel to get ready for the masquerade party.


I didnt even get to say goodbye to Estela and Zoe when Cain pulled me out of the casino and drove all the way here in haste.


Little Pluffy greeted us upon opening the door. Seeing Cain again, he circled him as he trotted to his paws in excitement.

Cain just grabbed little furball and placed him on top of a table, knowing that the little guy was afraid of jumping from such height.


How cruel . . .


Cain was about to grab me from behind when I circled my way towards the puff of whimpering fur and placed him down. The little inconsiderate furball, without even glancing at me, he ran to Cain as he wagged his tail. He jumped and circled the cold man as he slobbered Cains pants with his drool.


Again, Cain just grabbed little Pluffy and this time –– put him on the sofa.


Arf! Arf!


Little Pluffy span to and fro, finding a desirable height to jump without much success.


I was about to put him down again when my phone rang.


Hello, Leanna? Im sorry, but I have to go back ahead of you. Something came up,” Zoe said, voice laced in urgency.


Whats going on? I asked, worried as I tried to get away from Cain when he approached me, motioning to snatch my phone.


Dont worry . . . its nothing serious. I just . . . uhm . . . have something to do. Thats right! I have a project I needed to finish!


Come on, Zoe. You can lie better than that.


Alright. Call me if you have landed in New Haven.”


I didnt probe much further. Thinking it was nothing serious, I ended the call –– ready to give all my attention to the growing impatient man who was now hugging me from behind. Not letting go.


Who was it?he asked, tone thick with threat. Warning me to choose my words carefully.


I gulped and gripped his hands that were enveloping my waist when his hold tightened.


I-Its my friend, Zoe. Y-You remember her, right?I said, stammering.


Cains gripped somewhat loosened, and I sighed a mouthful of air.


I think he became even more dangerously possessive and domineering than before.


I wonder if this is how he truly is? Does that mean, he was holding back before?


The thought thrilled and excited me. Like I couldnt wait for him to dominate and conquer me.


My eyes widened when a realization hit me.


A-Am I . . .


. . .


. . .


A Masochist?




I realized what I did when my cheek signaled for pain.


Cain was surprised and turned me around to face him.


Whats wrong? Why did you slap yourself?


His usual stoic face faltered as he caressed my reddened cheek.


I-I-I think . . . Im a . . . masochist.”


I know I would find the humor in this after my brain fixed itself from the explosive new truth of the dark side of my inner self.

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