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Chapter 25: Dance


Flashes of camera lights and deafening noises greeted us when we stepped out of the car.


We stood in front of an enormous, elegant casino. The place was so captivating I nearly forgot why I was here. I wanted to savor all its details, but Estela tugged my dress, signaling me to follow her inside.


I grabbed Zoes hand, just in case she got lost from gaping too much at the casino.


We ascended the steps leading to glass doors. Then we stepped inside a vast lobby after the thorough security.


My fingers caressed the simple mask on my face. The thing made me claustrophobic!

We followed the music leading to a spacious gambling den with a vast dance floor in the center. The spacious room was a sea of eloquent dressed people. Their attire was so precise I felt out of place in my simple aquamarine dress. Each person appeared decorated with a theme. They wore their mask perfectly down to a P.


A collective of violinists, harp players, and pianists was placed at the far end of the dance floor. People hidden in mask were laughing as they gambled. Some contented drinking wine while most wiggled their bodies on the spacious floor.


It was like a pandemonium! –– in an organized way.


I frowned when I smelled tobacco and mixtures of different perfumes in the air. My hand itched, wanting to remove my mask so I can cover my nose as the smell make me want to puke.


Sensing my state, my eyes hastily searched for my other half. My sight locked on a man with a silver mask, sitting on a sofa, looking all bored. Different beauties encircle him. Some took off their mask in hopes of catching his attention.


But the menacing air surrounding him kept everyone meters away. Not bothering even a glance. Not one bit interested.


I almost snickered if not for that familiar longing building inside me as I stared at what I considered to be one of the most beautiful creations on Earth.


Sensing that someone was staring at him, his eyes locked on mine and everything stopped. His terrorizing aura vanished like smoke.


He stood ever so slow, careful in his every step towards me, afraid I might run or disappear.


His frosty eyes captivated mine. My body responded, and I strode, at this moment, floated towards him.


We didnt say anything. Didnt notice the onlookers curious gazes. Didnt mind Estelas teasing grin and the constant pressing of her fingers on her camera (where did she even hide that thing?) nor Zoes gaping face, nor Russells deathly gaze.


We stood there, inches apart. Afraid that a slight noise or movement, the other would disappear like it was some kind of an illusion or a dream.


Strangely, my heart that was beating so erratic from the excitement of meeting him again was calming down. Like it finally found its haven after days of aimlessly soaking in the cold, desolate rain.

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The trance was broken when a sweet melancholic melody played in the hall as if the musicians sensed our unspoken feelings.


Unconsciously, I raised my hand at him. He bowed, took it, and softly planted a kiss on my fingers before he led me into the dance floor.


We circled each other. Our gaze remained locked. He placed his hand on my back, and mine on his shoulder while our free hand met in a warm hold.


Together, we dance to the music. Our body swayed in sync with our beating heart. As the melody progress, my lips stretched in an affectionate smile.


He was perfect in his major general outfit and silver mask. His eyes were as frosty as ever –– deep and affectionate. The warmth between us grew by the second. My heartbeat was increasing steadily along with it.


Our dance was flawless, everything from our breathing to how we moved. He guided me on the dance floor like it was only the two of us. He kept his eyes on me, yet he still knew exactly where to take me. Every strode, every movement, planned –– nothing felt forced. It was like . . . I was floating in his arms.


We became one with the music, with the song, with each other.


And even when the music ended, and the audience applauded, we didnt separate. My arms were embracing his neck while his hands were resting on my back. Not a second that our eyes parted.


Whispers and gasps bounced along the room when he embraced me tight.




Ever so tight.


Letting me know how much he yearned for me.


I embraced him back. Not minding that I couldnt breathe. Not caring the pain from his grip. At this moment, nothing mattered but him filling me with his warmth.


I think I was the only woman in this world who knew how warm his embrace could be despite his icy, cold exterior.


Cains nose grazed my neck in a soft caress as he inhaled my scent. You came . . .”


Like an automatic response –– my eyes closed.


I love you.”

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