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Chapter 24: Anticipation

—- Cain Fay and Holley Goldwood spotted being intimate at Hawthorn Jones party —-

There was a picture of a man and a woman, both beautiful and stunning, it was like a painting of lovers. The man was cold and expressionless while the beauty was leaning towards him – love-struck and all.

I crumpled the news and threw it away like it had something disgusting on it.

Little Pluffy immediately ran to catch it, thinking that I was playing fetch with him.

I calmed down when the little puff of fur brought me the crumpled paper, waging his tail, asking for a pat.

I sighed and fed him treats instead.

That girl is really something! No wonder she didn’t appear before me this past three days. It turns out; she is busy stalking my man!

A sense of possessiveness crept inside me.

I’m not the jealous type, but I’m very territorial. What belongs to me is mine alone. I don’t want others to touch, borrow, nor covet it from me.

I was going restless on my seat.

Cain said to wait for him.

Why wait if you can just go and get him?

A smile slowly sneaked on my face.

Just I was about to call Estela, her number appeared on my phone.

“Leanna! Don’t believe the news! That bitch Holley was the one who approached my brother! You have nothing to be jealous about! My brother is two hundred percent in love with you!” Estela immediately said after I pressed the accept button.

I might have laugh, but sensing that the other person was serious, I restrained myself.

“Estela, don’t worry. I already told you, I trust Cain… I want to ask you a favor actually.”

“And… What am I doing here, exactly?” Zoe questioned after she recovered from her lag.

“You wanted to come, remember.” I cuddled little Pluffy on my lap. The little puff of fur obediently laid comfortably on my thighs as I caressed his fat tummy.

“Yes, but not all the way to Vegas! It’s freakin’ Friday, and I still have class!”

“I don’t peg you to be the studios type.” Estela murmured between stuffing her mouth with snacks.

“I don’t peg you to be a liar.” Zoe retorted.

“I didn’t lie.” Estela licked her fingers and grabbed some more snacks on the table while her focus didn’t leave the screen.

“You said it was near!” Zoe exclaimed and also helped herself grabbing some popcorns as she gazed at the two-meter-wide flat screen in front of us.

We were currently watching Hostel inside Estela’s private jet, and it was getting to the gore parts.

“It’s just seven hours in our jet. It won’t even take you a day.”

“Fuck! He’s eating him alive!” Zoe exclaimed instead, totally hooked up on the movie – forgetting all about Vegas.

“Are you sure it’s okay for us to attend even without an invitation?” I asked Estela.

“Relax, all the Fay’s are invited, and we can bring along friends.” Estela glanced at me and grinned. “I can’t wait to see my brother’s face when he sees you there.” Then she snickered.

I just smiled.

Three weeks.

And all those times, I couldn’t wait for him to come home. And now that I was actually just hours away from him –  I couldn’t help the butterflies in my stomach.

I became restless.

Can’t the time go a bit faster?

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