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Chapter 23: One More Day


Cains lips twitched up as he closed his laptop after sending a video to his Uncle Hardin.


He thought he had to plan and schemed some more to solve those rumors surrounding his wife, but never did he thought that the cause of all those rumors was the one who would solve it for him.


Now, to go back home to his wife.


He couldnt resist a smile to form on his lips, thinking of Leannas surprised face. His mouth on hers. His body, enveloping her delicate frame. His hands fondling her delicious soft brea––


Boss, Mr. Adnan Sahid is on the phone.”

Cedricks tone had a hint of uncertainty. Not sure if he should disturb Cains daydreaming face.


You already did.


Tell him Im busy,” Cain said and went back to his naughty thoughts –– but the Verunian Prince would not let him daydream anytime soon.


Cain! me man! Whats this about canceling your attendance for tomorrows masquerade party? I hope you wont go back on your words me friend!


Adnan Sahids voice echoed inside the car.


Cain resisted the urge to grab the phone from Cedricks hand and turn it off. He didnt like it if someone used his words against him.


Adnan, your investment is no longer needed, so my presence is no longer required,” Cain said with a flat voice, hoping the man got his drift –– but the tenacious Prince had really thick skin that not even his sharp tone could penetrate.


No can do me friend! Ive already announced to the world that youll be coming to the opening of my casino in Vegas. Are you going back on your word –– Cain Fay?


Cain wanted to grab the phone and throw it out the cars window.


. . .


. . .


When he didnt respond, Adnan took it as him agreeing.


Ill be expecting you tomorrow, me friend! Oh! And remember, no body double. The security will have a whole-body scanner. Just so you know.”


Then the Prince ended the call.


Boss, I will have your outfit deliver in your unit,” Cedrick chimed in, all poker-faced. His shoulders were ever so trembling, suppressing his laughter.


The guy has guts. Cain closed his eyes, trying hard to calm himself. The raging excitement he felt had long gone decapitated, replaced by barren lands –– stormed by ice-cold hail.


He waited for three weeks, what was one more day?


My love . . . just one more day.

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