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Chapter 22: Chaos

Arthur Goldwood hummed as he guided Danal and Evelyn Goldwood to where Hawthorne Jones study was together with the uneasy old man.

No one seemed to notice amidst the crowds partying that Russell and Cedrick left.

Arthur together with Holley’s parents and Hawthorn Jones entered the study.

Arthur smirked when he heard those soft gasps and moans.

Danal Goldwood frowned, yet he didn’t say anything while Evelyn quietly clasped her hand in excitement while Hawthorn Jones was fidgeting on the side.

Anyone would be angered if their teenage daughter was having premarital sex, but not the people in this room.

Danal Goldwood had a lot of emotions on his face, but above it all was anticipation. Just thinking about having a share of the Fay’s wealth and power and having Cain Fay as a son in law was enough to put him in a good mood. He always wanted a son, so when Holley was born, he was slightly disappointed.

Evelyn Goldwood, on the other hand, was a modern practical woman and a doting mother. She knew that in this modern age, wealth was second to none. In her case, wealth was second to her daughter’s happiness, she didn’t care about the rest.

Arthur was grinning from ear to ear until he heard a man’s voice, calling out Holley’s name – clearly not Cain Fay.


Arthur yelled in panic as he barged into the room and saw two naked people savagely intertwined in an awkward shameful position.

Danal and Evelyn thought it was the cue, and they immediately put on a panicked and worried expression.

But soon realized that the situation did require for them to panic.

“Get away from her, you asshole!!” Arthur went mad and punched Nixon’s face.

Nixon was caught off guard but quickly recovered. He seemed to be in a daze. Then he let go of Holley’s limp body and rash towards Arthur in all nakedness.

Arthur was taken aback when Nixon grabbed him and forcefully kissed him.

In Nixon’s perspective, he was seeing another Holley, tempting and seducing him.

“H-Holley….” Evelyn lost consciousness at the sight of her daughter’s sorry state.

Holley’s eyes were lifeless red and swollen. Her cheeks covered in dried mucus and tears. Her lips cracked, her limp body covered in bruises and marks and she was bleeding all over.

“G-guards!!” Danal painfully gripped his chest. He seemed to be having a heart attack!

Black suit men quickly came to the scene. But they were quickly rooted on the spot as they didn’t know how to respond on the situation.

There was Hawthorne Jones, paralyzed and shaking all over, hiding at the corner of the room.

Holley Goldwood, lying naked, half dead on the bed.

Evelyn Goldwood, unconscious on the cold floor.

Danal Goldwood, gripping his chest, his face all red from anger and was having a hard time breathing.



…. This?!

Arthur Goldwood, wrestling a naked man on the floor.



It was chaos!

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