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Chapter 21: Consequences

Nixon opened his eyes. His hand automatically rubbed his numbing neck.

What happened?

He was worried about Holley since the girl had filed a leave without giving anyone a reason.

After he tracked her down, he immediately flew to England to the Jones estate. When he arrived, like his eyes already knew where she was, he immediately spotted her talking to Cain Fay. He was about to approach her when something sharp hit him, and he lost consciousness.

He stood up and immediately fell back down, grabbing the bed for support. His brain seemed to be running in circles as his eyes became blurry while his body began to heat up until it ached painfully and uncontrollably.

He stumbled to unbuckle his pants and hurriedly let out his throbbing cock.

“Nrgh!” He groaned when he touched himself.

He seemed to be in hell while experiencing heaven at the same time.


Nixon’s eyes immediately flew towards that sweet moaning sound.

He focused his unsteady gaze on the girl lying motionless on the bed.

He gulped, and with difficulty breathing – he crawled up on the bed, not leaving his eyes on the girl for a second.

He seemed to be dreaming as the beautiful face of Holley Goldwood stumbled his view.

He stared at her, not minding the fire erupting from his body which made his dick twitched in excitement.

Holley’s face was flush – complete with teary eyes and alluring expression.

She seemed to be begging him to do her.

“H-Holley, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” Nixon managed to whisper in her ears. Then his mouth covered hers.

Holley watched in horror as Nixon’s mouth devoured hers.

She was signaling him to get help and was trying hard to speak, but only moans escaped her lips, edging the man more.

She tried to move her body, yet her muscles remained limp – not moving an inch.

Her tears fell when Nixon savagely ripped her clothes. Not even a tiny garment was left behind.

In Nixon’s perspective, Holley was crying from too much anticipation. Her face was begging him to make love to her.



“…. My… Holley…”

Nixon kept on chanting the woman’s name as if being possessed which only made Holley felt disgusted to the bones.

Holley couldn’t believe that this was happening to her.


Holley Goldwood!

She couldn’t believe that Cain could be this cruel.

The drug apparently made her awake, watching the horror unfolded as the man she didn’t even like violated her, and she couldn’t do a thing to stop it!

 “Nghh……,” she tried to say no so many times until her throat dried up, her voice coarse.

But still, moans and gasps were the only sound that escaped her lips.

Holley felt her body turning numb from the savaged licking, sucking and gripping. Her eyes swollen from all the tears, her lips and tongue pricked from all the biting.


Holley wanted to scream when Nixon grabbed her waist, and rudely entered her.

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