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What are you eating? he asked voice barely a whisper with his usual gentle tone.


Oh . . . You know . . . h-healthy foods like er . . .  Tomatoes . . . uhmm . . . Onions . . . Green pepper . . . Garlic.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


All right! Its beef! Im eating grilled wagyu beef!


He chuckled. Ill order more wagyu meat to be delivered in our home.”


I smiled without knowing it. Thanks . . .”

My smile fell off my face when I heard someone call for him.


Im sorry I have to go. Ill call you again tomorrow.”


My heart tightened, refusing to end the call.


Mmm . . .”


Dont stay up too late.”


Mmm . . .”


Goodnight . . .”


Mmm . . .”


I love you . . .”


. . .


. . .


I . . .” I bit my lip, and mumbled, mmm . . .” after a short silence.


. . .


. . .


Sensing that I wouldnt say anything more, Cain ended the call, and my vigorous beating heart stopped thumping.


I love Cain, but somehow, something was holding me back on saying the words like, I love you to him. To me, it was not just a word but a vow. Once I said it, I have to be so sure that he would be with me until death. I wanted it to be Cain, but even I couldnt predict the future.


I sighed, ruffling my lips.


In my past life, every day, every minute, I heard those words from Tristans flowery mouth. But contrary to what he said, he lacked actions to support it, which only made his words so pretentious.


Maybe that was also the reason why I couldnt say those words and preferred actions instead.


I knew Cain was different. Every word was supported by his actions and screamed certainty and finality. No indecisiveness and always struck my heart and soul.


I smiled bitterly at myself. I have to improve!


I stared at the flowers standing pretty in the vase. It was proof of how many days Cain and I have been together.


Its almost been three weeks.


It had been five days since he didnt return home.


I stood to my feet and pulled out the almost wilting rose and pressed it on a book together with the others.




I picked up my phone and answered Zoes call.


Leanna! You have to help me! You have to come with me tomorrow to buy a dress! You have to!


My brain shook from her loud screech. After making sure that she calmed down, I put my phone back to my ear.


A dress for what?


Dress for Sophias debut! My parents wont buy me one saying I have tons of dresses. But they all know those are hand me downs from Sophia while that bitch bought dresses almost every week! I cant wear a hand me down on her debut! Thats just asking to be humiliated!


I felt her helplessness even on the other side of the phone.


Alright, alright, calm down. Ill help you tomorrow. Contact Estela as well.”


I already did, but she said she couldnt come since shes working to resolve something on their business or whatever.”


Oh, thats right, Estela is still one of the Fays heir. Forgot that info –– like most of the time.


Alright, its only going to be the two of us then. Lets meet up at lunch.”


Zoe breathed a sigh of relief. Thank you! With you accompanying me picking a dress at least I wont make a fool out of myself.”


She bitterly laughed at herself.


As soon as we ended the call, I contacted Uncle Luke.

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