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Chapter 9: The Reason

“Leanna, we should hurry and have your dress made.” Zoe was all smiles and radiated happiness and excitement.

“No need. I have tons of dresses at my unit.”

I didn’t want to spend money on a debut of someone I didn’t like.

“Speaking of dresses. Why aren’t you with us last Saturday?” I turned to look at Estela who was sitting quietly the whole time.

I could sense that something was wrong with her. Most of the time, she was not this…. behaved?

“Oh~, you know… just some business problems.” Estela said dismissingly.

But I was not about to let her off.

“Is that why Cain left for a month? What kind of problem is it?” I probed.

Finally, Estela stared at me, trying to discern something in my eyes. When she saw my determined, unwavering gaze, she sighed.

“Well, for my brother to be with you, he broke off all relations with the Goldwood. That includes millions or even billions worth of investments and deals. Of course, my brother already made arrangements and preparations. But never did we expect that they would be so shameless as to withdrew all their money in one go without even issuing a warning. Now, my brother was forced to fly to different parts of the world to make major decisions on what to do–”

Estela kept going on and on, but I was stuck at the realization that the reason why Cain left was because of me.

Because he wanted to be with me – the Fay’s lost billions worth of money?

I caused all of this?

Estela stopped talking when she saw my guilt-stricken face while Zoe worriedly stared at me.

“But, but of course, it’s not your fault! In the long run, it will still be those people who will lose money. With my brother handling the problem, consider it done and over with!” Estela quickly explained with smug confidence.

“How many months until you recover your losses?” I said with a serious face and business like tone which made Estela and Zoe glanced at each other.

“Well, it will take a year or two at most, but with my brother at work, you don’t have to worry a single thing!”

Estela forced herself to laughed as she squeezed my hand, trying to let me know that everything was under control.

I didn’t respond and just stared intently at my teacup, thinking of something.

After a while, the two girls paralyzed faces loosened upon seeing my blossoming smile.

We chatted and laughed some more without a care in the world until the lunch break was over.

After our class, I immediately went home, entered my room and turned on my computer.

Not long after, Victoria Goulding’s beautiful face flashed on my screen.

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