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Chapter 8: Extravagant


Hello ladies, may I take a bit of your time?


We looked over at Sophia and her minions. I was relieved when I didnt see Holley with them.


Zoe frowned, yet she didnt say anything while Estela smiled and resumed drinking her tea.


Sophia extended a pink and blue card at me. Leanna, Im officially inviting you to my debut that will be a month from now.”


I remained motionless. Not a single fiber in me wanted to accept that card.


What is this girl playing at this time?

The silence turned awkward when I didnt accept the card, so Sophia placed it on our table.


I hope you all can come,” was all she said before flipping her hair and walked out of the cafeteria while her minions whispered ugly gossips about us, trotting behind her, appealing to her good side.


What is this all about? I asked, confused.


I didnt know why Sophia invited me to her debut, which I knew was not because she wanted to make merry and drink cocktails with me.


Zoe clasped her hands as if praying for something. You guys! Please come! Come with me to her debut!


I ignored her and glanced at Estela. Are you coming?


No, its not worth our time,” Estela said with a no-care attitude.


I guess even how powerful the Collins were, it didnt mean anything to the Fays.


Zoe didnt take offense as she bowed her head towards me. Leanna! I beg you! Please come with me! Her voice was pleading as her face was helpless.


I sighed in defeat. I guess I dont have any choice if youre going to be like that,” I said in surrender.


Zoe squealed and jumped from her seat. She hopped towards me and enveloped me in a tight hug.


I know you love me! I know you cant possibly forsake me!


Alright. Alright. Stop hugging me. Your flat boobs are hurting me.”


Zoe laughed and sprang back to her seat. Even though I dont like Sophia, but I got to admit, Im pretty excited about going to Hawaii! Now that you are also coming, Im even more excited!


It took a while to register what she said, and the corners of my mouth twitched.


W-what did you say? H-Hawaii?


Yep, my parents reserved a whole two-day spot in Maui, Hawaii. All tickets, accommodations, foods are paid in full!


Zoes tone was ecstatic with a tint of jealousy, but I didnt pay it any mind as I stagnate at the words Hawaii.’


This girl should really say these kinds of information much early on!


I knew the Collins were rich, but I certainly didnt expect that they would give it their all in Sophias debut. It was either they love Sophia so much, or they didnt want to lose face –– Ill go with the latter.


This battle of the birthdays is ridiculously expensive!


Now going to Hawaii made me regret that I said yes.

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