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Chapter 7: Shameless




I asked Zoe as she kept staring at me. Specifically, starring at my boobs.


I can see why Cain Fay fell for you,” she murmured.


I smiled and proudly pushed my breasts more. Believe it or not, Cain and I havent had sex yet.”


Zoe looked at me with wide eyes while Estela held her chin and frowned.


You! You! Zoe jabbed a finger at me. Are you even a woman?! Every woman wants to bed Cain Fay, and you still havent?! And you dare call yourself his lover?! You are an enemy to all women!


I flinched at her accusation.

Zoe grabbed her hair in a dramatic portrayal of agony. Agh! Why?! Why?! Why you?!


She grabbed my shoulders and stared me in the eyes. Give Cain Fay to me! Just one night! One night! I will do justice to all women out there!


I couldnt exactly blame her. I knew how strong Cains allure. Especially to women.


At first, I was scared and hesitant from his advances. Thinking that once he got what he wanted from me, he would stop loving me. But when he did stop his advances and took a step back, I felt annoyed and angry instead.


So I thickened my skin and swallowed my shame as I took advantage of him. Even my reason and morals were shouting to rape him.


Thats how deadly his charms are.


*sigh . . .


Women, chased them, and theyd get angry. But stop, and theyd still get mad.


Its not my fault. Cain made a vow only to have sex after were married. There is nothing I can do if the other party doesnt want to do it.”


I didnt know why, but I was comfortable telling these kinds of things to Zoe and Estela maybe because they were very open about their feelings to me.


Zoe took a sharp intake of air. Leanna, there are plenty of ways to get what you wanted even without the consent of the other party.”


Like?I asked.


Zoe snickered evilly. Drug him.”




We jumped from our seat when Estelas palms hit the table, causing the other students to glance in our direction. We were in the school cafeteria eating our lunch, so that explains the many gazes our way.


Outrageous! Youre going to drug my brother?


Estela squinted her eyes at us. She then rubbed her palms together while her big eyes sparkled in delight.


When? Leanna, I have many contacts who can provide you with high-level aphrodisiacs. Even my brother will not be able to sniff them. Just say the magic words.”


Estela snickered darkly. She and Zoe stared at me like a pair of hungry, deprived she-wolves.


We will help you, but in turn, you have to tell us every detail on how Cain Fay is on the bed.” Zoe licked her lips. Her ragged breathing was palpable even from miles away. She was like a starved hyena in the desert.


Estela grabbed my shoulders. Her nails were digging against my flesh. Leanna, I wont ask much after giving you the aphrodisiac. Let me just hide in your room while I spy on you and my brother doing it.”


My eyebrow rose so high it strained my eye muscles.


Alright, outside your room then,” Estela wager.


. . .


. . .


Outside your unit?


Okay, scratch the, they were very open with their feelings to me,’ part, its just because these girls are on the top of shamelessness that Im becoming shameless myself!

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