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Chapter 5: Swimsuit

“Alright, you stand here honey.”

Z O’nier gestured for Zoe to stood at the center of the room with a white carpet on it.

Zoe followed Z O’nier’s instruction and stood motionless on that spot.

After a while, a round object, hallowed at the center just enough to fit a person, slowly moved downwards from the ceiling onto Zoe’s body.

It was like a scanner. After the object finished scanning Zoe’s entire body, it went back up into the ceiling, leaving the ceiling smooth as before without any trace of it.

Wow! Technology these days!

“Alright, now it’s your turn, my lovely model.” Z O’nier rubbed his hands together as he looked at me excitedly.

“Oh, no. I’m not attending the debut.”

Zoe glanced at me funny. She was going to say something, but she held herself.

Z O’nier just grinned.

“Even so, I want to use your 3D model as references to my designs.”

Even from a distance, I felt him snickering like a maniac. I knew how he felt since I also love to design. Even I lose myself if I saw something that could inspire me to draw.

I obliged him and walked towards the center of the room.

After he scanned me, Z O’nier immediately slumped on his couch and began to sketch like crazy.

“Mr. O’nier, is it also possible to make a swimsuit for Zoe?”

Z O’nier didn’t even raise his head. Instead, he raised his hand dismissingly.

Zoe’s face instantly sunk.

I sighed, and Ana looked at us apologetically. She guided us towards the exit of the room.

But before we could turn the handle, a voice stopped us from our tracks.

“This will be my first time designing a swimsuit, so you flowers go and don’t disturb me anymore.”

Zoe and I looked at each other and grinned.

“By the way, how much should I pay?” Zoe asked after we exited and made our way towards the reception.

Ana stared at us in bewilderment.

“Your whole outfit has already been pa–”

“Zoe, why don’t you let my Uncle negotiate? I promise that he can land you a great deal just enough with your budget. After that, just give the money to me and I’ll be the one to deposit it.”

Zoe raised her eyebrow at us. Shifting her gaze between Ana and me. Then she patted my shoulder.

“You are a good friend.” She said seriously.

Again, I avoided her gaze.

Uncle Luke, I hope you’re happy in making me lie too much for your sake.

Ana still had that confused and bewildered face. Nevertheless, she remained silent.

“Well then ladies, the complete package will be delivered to your house a month from now. If you have any more concerns, please contact us at this number.” Ana held out a card. After we accepted, she smiled, said her goodbyes and walked towards the room where Z O’nier was.

“Uncle Luke, why don’t you just meet Zoe and confess to her, saves us both the trouble.”

After Zoe and I finished everything we came to do in New York, we made our way home. I immediately contacted Uncle Luke to inform him of what just happened.

“Give me some time,” was all he said.


I asked, refusing to back down without hearing a satisfactory answer.



“Leanna, Zoe looks too much like her grandmother… I can’t…… face her yet…”

I heard his voice trembled ever so lightly.

I sighed.

So even the mighty Luke Jansen has something he fears.

Maybe because of too much guilt or regret that he couldn’t face Zoe right now.

“Alright, I’ll inform you if something came up.”

I was about to end the call when his voice stopped me.



“…Thank you…”

I was taken aback and didn’t immediately reply.



“No worries. Zoe and I are friends.”

I unconsciously smiled after I ended the call with the regal man. I cuddled and petted little Pluffy when he jumped into my feet, wagging his tail happily.

Zoe, there is still someone who treats you like a family.

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