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Chapter 4: Body


My flooweeerss~! Im sorry, Im late! I was in Italy before Luke called me!


I was just glad he didnt say Uncle Lukes full name.


Z Onier zoomed to us, but instead of going straight to Zoe, he stopped in front of me.


Oh! Oh! Whats this?! Whats this?!


Blurred images of him flashed before my eyes as he skillfully examined all of me in the span of mere seconds.


Oh~! Pretty face with just the right contours. Long neck. Thin waist. Wide Hips. Full and firm butt. Long shapely legs and . . .”

He paused and stared at my breasts. Just the right elasticity, softness, and size to compliment the whole appeal. Size D, maybe? No . . .”


He looked me in the eyes and screamed, An E!


He placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned closer, our faces almost touching, and I was forced to back my head a little.


He looked me with determined eyes, but I was too focused on the large hole of his nose as it moved with his heavy breathing.


Pretty lady, how about you become my model? I promise you, it will be worth your while. With a body like this, my designs will reach new heights––!




He was stopped by Ana, who was raising an eyebrow at him. Mr. Z, this is Zoe Collin. The one you should be designing a dress.”


Z Onier paused, staring at Zoe with scrutinizing gaze.


Oh,” was all he said, which made Zoe frowned.


He then quickly shifted his eyes on me. Think about it.”


He gave me a winked before he sashayed towards Zoe, leaving me stunned, thinking of what happened. The guy was like a hurricane, leaving everything disheveled in its path!


Z Onier tapped his fingers on his chin as he stared at Zoe. Hmm . . . A good balance size. Not too skinny nor fat. A small face with big eyes, but lacking contours. Short but slim neck. Thin waist, yet unnoticeable hips. Firm butt, but lacks that extra flesh. Short, but slender legs. And . . .”


Z Oniers eyes flicked to Zoes breasts and lingered there for seconds.


“. . . Lacking,” was all he said.


I pulled Zoes shoulders, stopping her from storming the man. Her trembling body burned red under my hold, and I knew she was holding her anger.


Well, sorry that my breasts are just Bs,” she spat.


Z Onier twinkly smiled as if he didnt say anything wrong. Dont worry honey, with my designs, youll look like a Fairy Queen in the tropics.”


Zoe and I paused, then the former exclaimed in amazement, “You know that Im going to attend a debut with fairy in the tropics theme?!


Z Onier rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, tilted his head to the side, and raised his long shapely eyebrow at us.


Who do you think I am? These past few months, I was tormented by so many people begging me to design them dresses for Sophia Collins debut.”


He peered at his nails as he said with a smug tone, I refused them all since their body doesnt interest me, but I was forced to accept Mrs. Collins pleading after she promised me a hefty amount of money and worldwide publicity.”


Zoe gaped at him. T-then why did you agree to design for m––


Mr. Onier,” I cut in, we are grateful for you designing a dress for my friend here. I should say thank you as well to Uncle Luke.”


Z Onier beamed. Of course, Luke is an entirely different matter altogether.”


Zoe stared at me with a serious face. “Leanna, I didnt know that your Uncle is so powerful. I have a whole new level of respect for you.”


I avoided her gaze. You have no idea.

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