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Chapter 20: Ruthless


Heh! Ye ave guts. Thinkin ye could poison our young master.”


Cain(?) rose from the bed and pulled a chair and stood below a small exhaust enough to permit a person. Since Hawthorn Jones was a chain smoker, every room with no windows in his estate had an exhaust.


Cain(?) removed the exhaust grills and grabbed a person-size black bag hidden in the ducts. He pulled it down on the ground, and opened the zipper, revealing Nixon Mandevilles sleeping face.


It was always a fact that wherever Holley was, Nixon followed.


Lucky fellow, now ye will ave yer lifes wish come true.”


Cain(?) seized an injection in one of the compartments of the bag and struck it on Nixons neck. He then smirked and cleaned everything. After which, he replaced the hidden cameras, and before he made his escape, he shot a glance at the still paralyzed girl on the bed.


Next time, reckon twice afore plottin against our young master. Be glad if ye can still walk after this.”

What took you so long in doing a job that only takes about minutes? Russell lectured Cain(?) when the latter hopped inside the car.


Cain(?) removed his mask and earpiece, revealing a dark, gorgeous young man.


Easy fer ye t say, ye were nah th one who was drugged.” Two snorted. He then bowed at the cold, indifferent man in front of him.


Young Master, twas done.”


Mm . . . Lets go.”


The white Maybach limo disappeared in the dead of night. Cain used two cars in going to the Jones estate. One was where he was in, and the other was where Two was in. His guard and body double.


Looking at Cain, Russell was ecstatic. This! This is the young master I know! Ruthless and merciless! Ahhh!


Glancing at Russell, Two raised an eyebrow as he shook his head.


Recalling what happened, a blooming admiration filled Twos heart at how their young master did things. Since his build was the same as Cain, he sometimes put on a mask, imposing as Cain Fay in certain events –– alright, most of the events.


It was only supposed to be a simple contract signing. But when Hawthorne Jones acted suspicious, his young master communicated to him through an unnoticeable earpiece to wait for something. Not long after, Holley Goldwood appeared. His young master instructed him to let her do what she wanted. When the girl poured wine into his cup, he restrained himself from killing her on the spot.


He could smell the poison in the wine!


Among the many troops and assassins in the Fays arsenal of command, his skills in poison were second to none while his detecting poison skills were second only to Cain Fay himself.


He already had a counter to the poison and only acted the effects, until his young master ordered him to administer cryptic on the girl, which caused symptoms similar to sleep paralysis –– the mind awake, but the body was in a death-like state.


In case of some incidents, he always had different types of poisons with him, and cryptic was one of his favorites to bring.


Eventually, he was not surprised to find a man inside the black bag when his young master ordered him to check the ducts of the exhaust. He wasnt even a bit shock when his young master ordered to inject illusion on the man. A poison that was a mixture of hallucination and aphrodisiac, which was extremely dangerous paired with a person who was injected with cryptic.’


Two smirked. Young Master is still ruthless as ever.

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