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Chapter 19: The Deed

“Is it done?” Arthur Goldwood asked when Hawthorn Jones pressed a button to reveal a hidden passageway where Arthur and Holley Goldwood stood there in silence, waiting to strike.

“Y-yes, Cain Fay is sleeping on the bed in that room.” Hawthorne Jones couldn’t help the shaking of his voice, and trembling of his fingers as he pointed towards a solitary room in his study.

“Good, you will be handsomely rewarded. Now leave.” Arthur guided Holley out of the passageway and into the room where Hawthorn Jones just pointed at.

Hawthorne Jones took a long last glance at the room. Although the Fay’s were not to be messed with, but so were the Goldwood’s. He was confident that the Goldwood wouldn’t let him suffer the consequences when the Fay decided to take revenge. After all, if he goes down, the Goldwood’s would go down together with him.

He could only take one side, and he had made his stance. However, if everything goes smoothly like what Arthur Goldwood had promised, he might even have both powerhouses to his side.

As he was thinking to himself, cold sweat profusely ran down from his entire body before he slowly made his way out from his study.

“He is all yours.”

Arthur Goldwood whispered to Holley Goldwood’s ear.

Holley didn’t respond as she intently stared at the sleeping man who dominated her mind and heart for years.

Finally!! Finally!! Cain will be mine!

“Remember, after several minutes, the effects of the drug will kick in. Cain will wake up from the intense heat of his body.” Arthur reminded as he chuckled.

“You sure you can handle that cousin?”

“If it’s Cain, I can handle anything.” Holley replied instantly without a second thought.

Arthur just shook his head and made his way out of the room.

Before he closed the door, he reminded Holley again.

“The camera is already rolling, and your parents will arrive shortly. Remember the plan, after an hour, will ‘accidentally’ barge in here. Got it?”

Holley just nodded, her eyes locked on Cain.

After she and Cain were left alone, she slowly crept towards the bed and leaned in to take a closer look at the man’s sleeping face.

Cain’s lovely face remained unmoved and very much asleep.

Holley couldn’t help the heating of her body as she caressed the man’s ice chiseled face, excitement and anticipation were burning in her eyes.

“It’s your fault you know. If you haven’t broken our engagement, I wouldn’t be forced to resort to such methods. I love you so much! But why can’t you love me back?”

As if possess, she grabbed Cain’s cheeks and leaned closer, bringing her lips to his.

She savored the delicious feeling before she stuck out her tongue to part the man’s lips and entered into a whole new experience within.

Holley was lost in the moment of ecstasy that she didn’t notice that the supposed to be asleep man was moving his tongue on hers, making her swallow something.

Holley almost choked when Cain’s tongue went deeper into her throat causing her to unconsciously swallowed her saliva together with that bitter taste powder-like substance.

Holley was like in heaven when Cain finally reciprocated her feelings, not minding one bit that it was probably the drug at work.

Holley slowly opened her eyes to gaze at the handsome man who she loves for so long.

Cain’s eyes were now opened while his face was ice cold as ever until he broke out into his – not so usual grin.

“Me’ beauty sure is aggressive,” Cain said with a low clear, crisp voice.

Holley’s eyes widened.

This is not Cain!!

Before she could even scream, her body trembled as if being electrocuted, she slumped motionless on the bed. Her eyes and mind were working, yet her body seemed paralyzed as she couldn’t find her voice.


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