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Chapter 18: Phase 2

When Cain Fay entered, it was like a hand was gripping Holley Goldwood’s heart, making it difficult for her to breathe.

When they were engaged, she didn’t have to worry because at the end of the day, Cain Fay belonged to her.

But now – every day was like a torture.

Holley almost cried seeing him again. Seeing the man she loves for more than five whole years.

The banquet began. Songs and dance kept the people entertained while the delicious foods were brought up by maids and butlers on each table.

Everyone wanted to approach Cain Fay’s table, but the cold, intimidating man was enough to keep everyone at bay.

There were a lot of people who stood up and toasted to each other as the scene became even more vibrant and joyous.

Sensing her cue, Holley immediately pressed the pearl on her ring. When the pearl detached itself from the ring, she quickly dropped it inside a bottle of wine.

The timing had to be perfect with this kind of drug –  that was her elder cousin kept on reminding her. Once the drug was mixed in the liquid, the person had to take it within ten minutes, or the drug would lose its effect.

Her excitement almost made her stumble as she locked her gaze on her target.

However, before she could even approach Cain Fay – Russell, Cain’s personal bodyguard, blocked her way.

“Hello, it has been a while since I last saw Cain. I’ll just say ‘hi’ and have a toast with him.” She flashed her most charming smile and made herself blush, to complete the act of being a bashful little girl.

Russell just grinned at her.

A genuine shy girl will not stalk a man across the globe like this. Russell thought.

“Young miss, I’ll have to taste that wine before it even grazes my Young Master’s lips,” Russell said with his usual smooth, carefree voice.

Holley restrained herself from showing even a tiny bit of panic on her lovely face.

Relax! This is all part of the plan. She assured herself.

“Mr. Bodyguard, this is just a toast. Don’t you know who I ‘am? Do you think with my reputation, I will dare to do anything to Cain Fay?”

Her elder cousin specifically told her to used her name in this type of situation. Just mentioning her name alone was enough to convince and strike fear into the hearts of many.

But not this man.

Russell just looked at her amused.

“It’s protocol.”

Panic was steadily creeping into Holley’s heart as Russell motioned to grab the bottle of wine.

“Let her.”

Cain’s ice cold voice stunned the two of them.

Holley didn’t expect that the one who would save her would be the man she would drug.

Warmth immediately drowned Holley’s heart as she walked faster towards Cain and sat on his side where Russell had just been seating a while ago.

Russell just smiled as he returned to stood motionless behind Cain, not bothered that his seat had just been stolen.

“Cain, it’s been a while.” Holley’s voice didn’t hide her excitement and adoration for the man.

Cain didn’t respond as he looked at her with his usual indecipherable expression.

“Cain, I know that you’re probably mad at me… at my family for causing you trouble. I’ll talk to my dad about it. I promise!” Holley locked her eyes at Cain and gave out a worried and painful smile.

“Cain, although we are not engaged anymore, how about we remain as friends?”

There was silence for a moment, until Cain slowly nodded his head without uttering a word.

“Then, let’s have a toast to our new found friendship!!” Holley’s eyes betrayed her inner thoughts as she quickly grabbed for Cain’s cup and poured the wine into it. She grabbed another empty cup and poured wine for herself.

She raised the cup at Cain which the cold man returned the gesture in silence.

Seeing that Cain drank the wine in one gulp, Holley almost jumped from her seat with joy.

She also quickly drank all the wine from her cup to make it look not suspicious. She had already taken the antidote a while ago, so the drug didn’t have any effects on her.

“Mr. Fay, how about we discuss that contract now?” Hawthorn Jones saw that phase two of their plan had been executed. He walked towards Cain Fay’s table and urged the man to come with him to his study.

“Mr. Fay, I have some private matters I wish to discuss with you if that is alright?” Hawthorn Jones spoke with all seriousness while glancing at Russell and Cedrick.

“Stay here,” Cain said before following Hawthorn Jones towards the old man’s private study.

Russell and Cedrick stared at each other, yet they didn’t say anything as they stood motionless at their table.

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