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Chapter 17: Phase 1


Boss, we are almost at Mr. Joness estate.” Cedrick cleared his throat before glancing at the man sitting leisurely in the backseat.


Cains eyes were closed the whole ride. He didnt want to attend this pointless party. Now that his wife solved most of his problems, he didnt need to meet the man inside.


Cedrick, sensing Cains thoughts, swiftly interjected, “Boss, you already gave your word.”


Cains brows twitched, and he forced his eyelids to open. Russell, have him ready.”


Russell grinned while Cedrick restrained shaking his head in disapproval.

When Cain arrived at the scene of the party, the hearts of every woman and even some men rippled.


Amidst the silent stares of the crowd, Cain strode in together with his bodyguard and secretary on both sides. He was dress in an elegant all-white tuxedo. His expression was icy as his eyes, disinterested at the happenings around him.


Every step he took affected the hearts of those present. There were people like him that just the mere presence caused the night to brighten and the moon to dim.


Mr. Fay, we are honored by your attendance. Please come this way.” Hawthorn Jones scrambled to his feet and made his utmost effort to please the cold man as he led him to a reserved table.


Although Hawthorn Jones was more than twice the age of Cain Fay, but like other older people facing the young man –– they couldnt help but lower themselves at Cains dominance and imposing charisma. Cains entire being emanated an aura of authority enough to awe everyone present.


Cedrick, the contract,” Cain said after he took his seat.


Mr. Jones, if youre alright with the contract, can we have you sign it? Cedrick said straight to the point and extended a folder to Hawthorn Jones.


Hawthorn Joness eyebrows twitched. They already expected this would happen. The Fays hate crowded and noisy places the most, but he had to stall for time. He already agreed to cooperate with the Goldwoods. What he would gain in return would double than what he would earn in his transaction with the Fays.


Mr. Fay, this is a rare occasion to have you here at my humble abode. Please take a second to enjoy the party.” Hawthorn Jones could only make this excuse.


It had already been a second.” Cain stood from his chair, but the panicking old man stopped him.


Mr. Fay, how about this, stay until dinner. It will only be minutes that the food will be served. After dinner, we can discuss the contract.”


Cains face remained paralyze as he went back to his chair. Leaning in comfort, he said, Alright.”


Hawthorne Jones almost went on his knees in relief. Thank you.”


Wait, why am I the one who is thanking him in my party. In my own house? Hawthorn Jones mumbled in his thoughts.


He was puzzled as to why the elusive Cain Fay would agree to his condition to come to his party to negotiate. Maybe this business deal is crucial to him?


No matter, he would use this chance to advertise himself to the media and his peers, at the same time, making the Goldwoods owe him.


Sensing that Cain Fay didnt need him anymore, Hawthorn Jones quietly retreated.


The first phase of the plan was executed. Now for phase two.


Hawthorn Joness lips twitched up in a twisted smile. He could already taste the fruit of his labor after all of this was finish.

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