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Chapter 16: Possessive


The two pests?


Done and deal with.”


Cain leaned and crossed his legs, tapping his slender fingers on his knee.


Cold sweat broke out from the pale womans face as she met Cians frosty gaze. Young master, about the person spreading the rumors. How should we proceed? she said, voice full of respect.


Even on the other side of the screen, every nerve in her body tingled at the murderous air emanating from Cain.


Leave it . . . for now.”


She sensed her young masters hesitation and dissatisfaction in letting the matter off. It couldnt be helped since the one spreading the rumors belong to the same upper echelon as her young master. And . . . a longtime family friend.


As you wish. Young master, about that Rowan guy?


Cain typed something on his phone.


After seconds, she received an e-mail. She read the contents and bowed.


It will be done.”


And the screen turned black.


Four, what did young master said?


Four stared at the seductive temptress across her, and a wicked smile stretched her lips.


Youre up.”

Elder Cousin, what should I do?! Cain doesnt like me! He doesnt even want to see me! Holleys pearl-like tears fell from her face.


After she filed a leave from school, she stalked Cain since three days ago, hoping to see him. She wanted to have a sweet encounter with him, but even with his elder cousins help –– Cain remained elusive as ever.


He eluded her like a deadly plague. She advanced, he retreated. She chased, he avoided. There was no sweet interaction at all, let alone trapping him!


She was no fool. Cain didnt want to see her. And she couldnt accept this!


She refused to accept it!


Arthur Goldwood enveloped her in a gentle embrace.


Cousin, relax. Although he can escape you these past few days, tonight is the night that we will finally corner him.”


Arthur wiped the tears from Holleys face and raised her chin to meet his eyes.


Dont cry. Remember, you have to look your best.”


Is everything prepared already?


Arthur grinned and grabbed a small box. Inside was a simple gold ring with a single white pearl as decoration. The pearl was so tiny, making it unnoticeable at first glance.


The pearl is the drug. Push the pearl down to release it from the ring. Remember, it will take a while for the effects to surface. Just do what Ive told you to do and everything will go smoothly.”


Holley stared at Arthur, a bit unsure. Will Cain take the bait?


Arthurs expression turned a deep shade darker. Ive already contacted my inside man. Dont worry, Cain Fay will definitely take the bait.”


Holley beamed a sweet smile.


She knew this was risky and a method born out of desperation, but she loves Cain for more than five years to give up now. She was not about to let some whore steal Cain from her.

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