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Chapter 15: Rumors

“Did you see that?! Young miss doesn’t even need our help! She can totally protect herself!”

“Heh! I’m afraid that it is our young master that will need protection from her in the future.”

They giggled.

“Ladies, focus. Thirteen, have you gotten the names of those two boys yet?” Said a high pitch no-nonsense female voice.

“Edward Walsh and Reynold Barks.”

A ghostly paled, long silver haired stunning woman snorted. From her deathly aura alone, you could tell that she was the leader of the pack.

And ‘coincidentally’, she was also that Russian professor at Artem University.

“Just a puny family dared to act so arrogantly in front of young miss?”

“Should we inform young master?”

The pale woman just fixated all her attention outside of her private office. Her eyes narrowed, pupils dilated, locking on that skinny man and fat boy.

“No need. Those two are not even worth a second of young master’s time.”

“What should we do then? Young master said to torture anyone who dares to harm young miss.”

A wicked, seductive smile that sent a feeling of impending calamity coated the pale woman’s face.

“Hmm…… The purple room appears to be empty nowadays…”


The women exchanged glances. All of them were seasoned assassins and were skilled in the arts of torture, individually handpicked by Master Russell himself.

Yet, they still couldn’t help but shiver on how this stunning deathly pale, dangerous woman’s methods of administering pain.

She is indeed the head of the pack!

“They want some excitement? Let’s give it to them.”

“Hey! Are you alright?!”

I snapped my fingers in front of Zoe’s daydreaming face.

“H-huh… W-what?” Zoe blinked a few times before her gaze focused on me.

“What is wrong with you?! I said, did something happened with your dinner with your stepmom? You were absent yesterday. I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer.”

Zoe’s eyes flickered with killing intent at the mention of her stepmother, then her face reddened and changed into that of a love-struck fool as if remembering something.

I frowned at her.

This is serious! Something must have happened!

Zoe cleared her throat and avoided my questioning gaze.

“N-nothing…… happened…,” she guilty said. Then she shook her head and returned my stare. “Don’t worry about me. Let’s worry about you.”

“What do you mean?” I pretended.

“Don’t act like you don’t know. There are rumors about you circulating at the start of the school, but it escalates the moment that jerk face-asshole-Rowan approached you. Is he still targeting you?”

“Yes,” I shrugged my shoulders, not a care that Rowan’s been taking every opportunity to get closer to me ever since Estella’s absence.

Zoe punched her fist against her palm, ready to wage war.

“That asshole and those bitches. I’m sure they’re behind all this!” She pointed her finger at me. “And you! I can’t believe that you’re so nonchalant about all of this! They’re slandering your name you know!”

I restrained from rolling my eyes. “No need to concern about those rumors. It’ll just stress you out.”

Zoe gave out an exhilarating sigh while tilting her head.

“I’m so jealous that you can be unaffected with all of this.”

I’d lie if I say that I wasn’t, but my extreme laziness and ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude dominated.

I learned through experience that for you to live a happy, lazy, stress-carefree life, you’d just have to roll with all the shit life’s throws at you.

It’s just rumors. It’ll die down.

I just hope that those spreading the rumors would not cross the final line. Even my ‘no care’ attitude have its limits.


Also known as Professor Vera, the Russian Professor.

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