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Chapter 14: Pests

[ One thousand bucks.

Tonight at my place.

J ]

I crumpled the note and resumed to write on my notebook, ignoring the snickering and silent mockery of my name.

I knew these people were taking this opportunity to attack me while Estela was not here at the moment.

That girl had been absent for three days now.

I wonder if something happened.

When the bell rang, I hurriedly packed my things and made my way towards the cafeteria to meet Zoe.

The cafeteria was located strategically at the center of the campus and just meters away from every buildings and departments.

I ignored the whistles and catcalls of the boys sitting on the benches in one of the mini-parks surrounding the cafeteria.

I was about to enter the mess hall when two men barged my way. I didn’t even look at them and treated them as air as I circled my way around.

Unfortunately, they kept on getting in my way, not letting me through.

I heard the laughter of the boys and the giggling of the girls not far away from us.

“Woah! Where are you going in such a hurry, love?!”

Finally, I forced my eyes to stare at them.

“You’re in my way,” I said calmly.

The tall skinny blonde hair man with piercings in both ears grinned at me.

“Hot damn! You’re even prettier up close! And that bod sure is a turn on.”

I remained expressionless.

“We heard you’ll sleep with anyone for money. How about it? We can negotiate the starting price.” Said the fat guy beside the blonde man.

I could even hear the fat guy’s scruffy breathing as he roamed his dirty eyes all over my body while me, on the other hand, wanted to cover my nose at that disgusting stench coming out from the fat guy’s sweaty flesh.

There must be something going on as to why these two would harass me in broad daylight.

“Move.Out.Of.My.Way,” I warned, my face unreadable.

Instead of being intimidated, the two got excited with my remarked.

“A girl who is calm on the outside, but like a ragging wild temptress in the inside! I like that!” The blonde man licked his lips as if that would make him look seductive.

The fat guy seemed to be in heat as he could no longer held his self at just ogling on my body. He motioned to grab my hand.

“You don’t have to play hard to get. We will pay you–!”

Fatty didn’t finish his sentence when I took a side step and extended my leg, causing him to tripped and lose his balance as he fell hard, face flat on the ground.

I felt the ground quaked from his fall.

“Hey, are you alright?!” The blonde guy immediately helped his friend up.

The fat guy fumed in anger from the humiliation and embarrassment.

He was the type of guy that was short-tempered and hot-blooded.

The type that is easy to deal with.

“You slut!!!” The fat guy roared in furry.

“Hey don’t!” The blonde guy attempted to stop his friend, but the fatty jerked his body away from the blonde guy’s grasp.

The fatty raged like a cornered wild boar as he rash to grab me.

When he was just inches away from me, I squatted, and with all my weight – struck him with my palm, straight to his jaw.

I felt his body flew from the impact and with a loud –  THUD!

He laid motionless on the ground, teary eyes, sweaty face and choking with all his saliva, dripping from his disgusting mouth.

I slowly walked towards him.

Cold and ready to kill.

I raised my leg, the pointy stiletto shining from the edge as I ruthlessly brought down the deadly weapon onto his groin.


I heard screams and cries as my stiletto was brought down like a hammer just inches away from his groin.

“Don’t. Ever. Call. Me. Slut.” I hissed.

Fatty’s face was so pale as his body laid there paralyzed with shock and fear.

Not long after, a pungent smell filled the air.

“H-He wet himself!!”


I frowned.

I immediately lifted my leg which caused the fat guy to flinched. Probably thinking that I would strike my deadly stiletto at his groin again, his eyes rolled back as he fainted on top of his piss.


I turned to look at the blonde guy.

The skinny man gulped, fear and panic in his eyes as he kept his body from shaking, his teeth chattering.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

He hurriedly scrambled to the side, stumbling along the way.

And as if nothing happened, I flipped my hair and sashayed into the cafeteria, leaving the stunned crowd behind.

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