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Chapter 13: Burn


Hello ladies, mind if I join you?


Arghh . . . Damn it! What does this guy want now?


Yes. We. Mind.” Zoe glared at Rowan which the later ignored.


Leanna, how about we go out this Saturday? he said, voice louder than usual as if letting the whole people know that he was asking me out.


Look, its Rowan. Is he asking that girl out?


Seems like it. As expected of the player, that girl is hot.”


Heh, I guess we can ask Rowan how she tastes like after hes done with her.”

I never peg her to be like that. But I guess the rumors are true. That girl will do anything for money.”


Must be hard since her family is just middle class. She needed the extra cash.”


My face remained unperturbed as I ignored the whispers and the annoying guy.


Rowan, Leanna will be having headaches this weekend, so dont add up and scram the fuck off.”


Rowan didnt put Zoe in his eyes as he swept me with his lustful gaze.


Leanna, go on . . . Dont be shy, ask me out . . . ,” he slurred, tone huskier.


But all I heard was the voice of a dirty old man, squeaking for attention. I had goosebumps!


Alright. Go out! Zoe spat, glaring at Rowan.


Rowan finally shifted his eyes at Zoe. Babe, dont worry. If you want my attention, all you have to do is beg me,” he said and winked.


Zoe crossed her arms and beamed. Sweetie, my standard is higher than your dick.”




Rowan frowned and poured all his attention at Zoe. Babe, youll be surprised. This thing here . . . ,” he pointed at his groin, pushing it forward, has a choking hazard label on it.”


Zoe flipped her hair and checked her nails. Isnt it the one they usually put on small things?




I almost choked from laughing so hard.


Rowans whole body burned red. I didnt know if it was from anger or embarrassment. Id wager both.


Sweetie, leave the sarcasm and insults to the pros. You gonna hurt yourself. Go sit on a cactus.” Zoe smirked and winked at him.


Rowans face twisted in conflict. It was like he wanted to strangle Zoe, but he was hesitating because she was a girl. Instead, he bolted out of the cafeteria as fast as he came.




Waving her fingers at the retreating man, Zoes smirk never left her face. She then gave me a long hard stare.


Why is that asshole targeting you?


Oh, I dont know, maybe because of a certain someone whose name starts with the letter H and ends with the letter Y.


Argh! Those bitches can really use a life! Zoe stuck out her tongue with a scowl on her face before she grimaced. Be careful, Rowan has a notorious reputation,” she warned.


I snorted.


He wanted to play with fire? Then dont cry if you get burned.

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