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Chapter 11: Falling

“Leanna, I’m glad you are trying to help. But you don’t have to worry. I got everything under control. I’m going to return all your money to you.”

That was fast.

It had just been two days since I decided to invest all my money in the Fay’s business empire. I thought it could take a week before Cain could notice.

I touched the television screen, motioning to caress his lovely face.

“I miss you……” I replied instead of answering his question.

Cain was taken aback. He was surprised since I rarely said words of love. It was always him who said those words.

Cain closed his eyes and opened them with a new found tenderness and affection.

He too motioned on the screen to caress my face.

“I miss you too……”



“Cain, let me do this for you… You can’t just expect me not to worry when you say ‘don’t worry’. We are a couple now. Your problem is my problem. I don’t want to sit and just prettily wait for you knowing that you’re in a predicament. It doesn’t work that way. From now on, I want you to tell me everything that’s been going on with you.” I said seriously, my gaze not leaving his.



After a moment of silence.

Cain covered his eyes with one hand while his whole body subtly trembled.

“I wish I can be there with you right now to show you how happy and love you made me feel…” His voice, a little deep and huskier than usual with a little helplessness in them. “Ahhh…… What to do… I turned out loving you more than what I originally planned.”

He removed his hand and looked at me with a new found love.

I didn’t know that he could still love me more than he already did.

Is this the product of giving my all?

He would return it to me with so much more?

If so, I don’t mind giving my everything to him.

I was falling.

And falling hard.

There was no safety net. I just removed it myself.

This was dangerous.

I know, I might never recover.

“Leanna, thank you… With your help, we can finally wrap this problem. Give me one more week to settle all of this. By then, I promise to return to your side.”

I closed my eyes.

Just one more week!

Arf! Arf!

Little Pluffy, seeing Cain again after two weeks, jumped on the screen and vigorously licked it as if letting Cain know how much he missed him.

I laughed at the cuteness in front of me while Cain just smirked at the little furball.

After the web call. Cain called for his secretary, Cedrick, to come into his office.

The budding warmth on Cain’s face vanished. There wasn’t a single gleam of light coming from his ice cold eyes. It was so cold as if capable of freezing everything in its path.

Cain looked at Cedrick for a long time without speaking, causing Cedrick’s expressionless poker face to feel a tendril of dread as cold sweat ran from his back and palms.

“Allocate Leanna Lee’s money to all businesses that the Goldwood’s withdrew from.”

No matter how many years Cedrick had been as Cain Fay’s secretary, Cain’s ice cold voice still sent chills down to his very bones.

“And….. Make necessary preparations. I want Leanna Lee to be a member of the board in all of our businesses. Take fifty percent from all of my shares and transfer it to her name.

Cedrick’s jaw almost dropped on the floor if it hadn’t been attached to his bone.

He was having a hard time believing that his Boss would give a board position on some foreign stranger and fifty percent from the Boss’s shares at that! For FREE?!

Cain Fay held most of the shares in all of the Fay’s businesses. If he gave half of it to Leanna Lee, he might as well give half of the Fay’s Empire to her.


Cedrick seemed to be rooted on the spot, unable to move. He was waiting for his boss to say it a second time. Until the cold man gave him a deathly stare.

“Right away.”

Cedrick was glad that his voice remained even as he sauntered out of the office.

As Cedrick dawdled in his table, he became curious as to who this woman was to be able to please his boss into giving her a position in the elusive Fay’s Family Business Empire.

Many had wanted the shares, but none succeeded.

It was not a secret that the Fay’s business major shareholders were all allocated exclusively to the family only. That was probably the reason why the Boss gave his personal shares to the foreign woman as the shares couldn’t be bought by outsiders – no matter the price.

Cedrick stopped in his tracks.

Can it be…?

He immediately dismissed the idea.

What he was thinking was the same as believing that the sun would rise in the west.

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  1. I really love this stories about leanna.. but its not that easy 4 me buy it.. & I really not a genius literated in IT.. quite dissapointed bcos its lock & I can only read it up 2 book 3 if I’ve ever finish it.. m wondering.. I need 2 buy it but 4 me its quite expensive 4 Malaysian Ringgit… it really make me frustrated though.. thank you author 4 the best stories of leanna.. I adored the FM character also ML character.. I love both of their character..

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