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Chapter 10: Now or Never




All of it,” I repeated Vics words with never before heard determination and finality.


Vic didnt hide the shock on her face. Michael was also surprised, but he recovered within seconds.


Leanna, are you sure? We are speaking about all your money here!


I understand the panic and hesitation in her voice. I was going to invest all my money in the Fays Business Empire.


Its now or never.

This action of investing all my money was also an act of willingness to give my all to Cain.


What can go wrong?


If Cain betrayed me, at most, Id probably go insane. My heart would break, never whole again. My body dead, and my soul disappear into the great beyond.


Whats there to fear, right?!


Vic, Ive made my decision.”


. . .


. . .


Leanna, its not even a month that you settled in New Haven, and yet, youve already become enamored with Cain Fays charms? Vic didnt hide the disdain in her tone and the disgust on her face.


I flashed her a helpless smile. You can say that.”


. . .


. . .


Victoria inhaled a big breath of defeat.


I cant talk you out of this, can I?


I stared straight at her with resolute eyes and said, No, you cant. My decision is final.”


Vic shook her head with a scowl on her lovely face. Youve become another one of those crazy fans of Cain Fay.”


I beamed at her, which made Vic frowned even more.


Please do it now, Vic. And Michael, prepare the necessary papers, I want this whole thing done and over with as soon as possible.”


Vic opened her mouth but stopped by Michael.


As you wish,” he said with his usual baritone voice.


I nodded and said my goodbyes when Michael spoke, “Im glad to know youre motivated by something now.”


Then they logged off.


. . .


. . .




I stifled a laugh.


You can say I have found something that I wanted to protect and fight for.


Money, it would come and go. But the moment, the now –– it would never return.


I didnt want to hold anything back because of uncertainties.


Let the future come, Ill live every moment in the present.

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