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Chapter 1: Theme

“L-Leanna…, are you sure about this? Even just looking at the store, I know I can’t afford it here with my budget.”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “How much is your budget?”

“H-half a million? Including jewelry, bag, and shoes.”

“You do realize that half a million will just land you a pair of earrings, right?”

Zoe shyly smiled. “Can we go to a bargain store instead?”

I crossed my arms and tilted my body to the side. “We can if you want to humiliate yourself. Don’t underestimate the elites. They know quality when they see one.”

Zoe just stood there, stupidly staring at the designer studio.

I pulled her hand. “Don’t worry. My uncle knows the designer here. He will give you a discount.”

I didn’t entirely lie to her.

Z O’nier is the Jansen’s family personal stylist and fashion designer.

But telling her about the discount was a joke.

Everyone knew that the bizarre, eccentric guy only designed pre-ordered clothes. Many lined up and reserved even up to years just to get this man to design for them.

Fortunately, Zoe didn’t know that.

This Z O’nier was strange, just like Eva Hart, he wouldn’t design you anything if he deemed you not worthy to wear his fashion statement clothes even if you were a high profiled person.

But of course, Uncle Luke was an entirely different matter altogether.

Uncle Luke already paid for Zoe’s dress, bag, shoes, jewelry and all others. The only missing piece was her measurements to get the whole thing done.

And that is what we are here for.

We traveled all the way here to New York from New Haven.

We entered the studio and was immediately greeted by Z O’nier’s personal assistant with all smiles and courteousness.

“Hello, my name is Ana, you must be Miss Lee and Miss Collin. This way please.”

She guided us to sit on a couch.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Z is running a little late. May I offer you anything to eat or drink while you wait?”

I smiled at her. “Tea for me please.”

I turned to look at Zoe, but the girl was busying herself gaping at the sophisticated modern interior lobby.

I turned to Ana.

“Make it two.”

Ana nodded and motioned for the staff. The staff immediately stormed off to get us tea and snacks.

After that, Ana smiled at us. “If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to call for me. Please make yourself comfortable.”

I just nodded at her and then like a model, she walked towards a room.

I ignored the curious stares of the two people seated at a distance in front of us. I presumed that they were also clients.

Of course, who wouldn’t be curious to know who we were that the great Z O’nier would personally meet?

Z O’nier would rarely meet his clients. At most, it would just be his staffs who would take measurements and his personal assistant to accommodate the clients’ needs and requirements.

“What’s the motif of the debut again?”

Zoe slightly jumped when I patted her shoulder.

“Fairy in the tropics.”


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