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Chapter 9: Wait


Cain Fays unit was elegant and straightforward, every nook and cranny screamed a man was living there. The colors were all monotone, alternating between black, grey, and white.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the unit was clean and organized. Everything was in there proper places.


I was ogling around when he placed his arm around my shoulder and led me towards his bedroom.


I panicked.


Sensing my state, Cain stifled a laugh. He slid his hand over my arm, locked his finger with mine, and kissed the back of my palm.


Relax, we wont do anything.” He reassured.


Nonetheless, my nervousness was endless. Sensing that I was uncomfortable, Cain put distance between us. He went to his walk-in closet, leaving me shaking behind.


Seconds, he returned with a T-shirt and a bunch of towels.


He held my hand and sighed as he shook his head a little when he felt that I was still shivering.


He pulled me inside a majestic bathroom overlooking the skyline with an enormous hot spring. For a moment, awe overtook my nerves as I gaped at the luxuries before me.


Ill put your change of clothes here. You hurry and take a bath so you wont catch a cold.”


After putting the clothes on the countertop, he went straight to the exit without looking back.


Ill just be in the living room,” he said and left.

Cain distracted himself with his work. He didnt know if bringing Leanna to his unit was the right decision. But after seeing her like an abandoned puppy, he lost all reason and brought her here.


She was the first-ever person he brought inside his unit. Not even his family could casually step into his territory.


From time to time, his lips twitched, couldnt stop himself from smiling. He was happy, more than satisfied. He couldnt describe his feelings when she finally accepted him. It felt like, it was the most joyous thing ever happened in his entire existence.


On the other hand, he still needed to restrain himself. Leanna is still too young. He could only wait for her. Not to mention, he had to show her his world, which would be the most difficult part considering his familys secrets.


Even so, he already formulated plans and schemes to trap her with him forever with nowhere to retreat!


However, for those plans to succeed, it would take some time.


I hope shell be of legal age soon.


He smiled bitterly at himself.


Its enough for now that she no longer rejects me.


Then again, the more he thought that Leanna was not entirely his yet, the more anxious he felt. Not to mention they would soon part ways.


Thinking she would meet numerous boys in Artem University made him want to burn down the place! As much as possible, he wanted Leanna to be with him 24/7. He wanted her all to himself.


But he could only endure. He didnt want to control her life.


He took deep breathes, sighing as he released them through his mouth.


He shut down his laptop, closed his eyes, and massaged his temples.


Cain . . .”


His eyes flicked over and saw the most seductive woman he ever laid eyes.


Her wet hair insinuated the length of her neck in a sensual sight, and he smelt the fragrance of his shampoo on her even from a distance.


His shirt fitted nicely on her, teasingly hiding her curves beneath the oversize fabric. The only problem was, it was a bit short on her, exposing her shapely legs until half her thighs.


But what captivated him was her pair of misty eyes, flushed cheeks, and moist, tender lips.


His body was heating, fast! The growing lust he felt was hard to control. The pain in his groin was unbearable by the seconds.


In an instant, he regretted bringing her here.

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