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Chapter 8: Owner


Warm moist lips descended upon my own.


The kiss was gentle and sweet, like he was afraid to hurt me.


He pulled a little, our face reflecting on each others eyes. His nose rubbed against mine. His lips hovered over mine.


I was intoxicated in breathing the same air as him. And for a time that was lost in the moment, we just stared at each other –– wanting to savor every second, wanting this to last forever.


In my previous life, I never like kissing or sex. I never knew the pleasure of it. Tristan was always the one who derived pleasure from it. He didnt bother to understand what would please nor arouse me. Never once did I come nor satisfied with our sex life.


But this man, whose cold, indifferent face scares me. This arrogant, overbearing man who made me shiver and rattled me so many times –– just made me satisfied in breathing the same air as him. He made me feel please and warm with his gentle kisses and hugs.


He made me want for more.


Cain, sensing my desires, pressed his lips against my mouth, and gently bit my lower lip.


I groaned, “Cain . . .”


He licked the line of my mouth ever so slow and nibbled my lower lip, teasing me.


Cain . . . please . . . ,” I beg.


He gave me what I wanted.


He tilted his head as his tongue slid into my mouth. I greedily welcomed the intrusion. Our tongues intertwined like lost lovers meeting after centuries of parting.


My moans were lost in his mouth as he sucked my tongue, fierce and hard. Thirsty for more.


I tried to match him, trying to please him as he pleases me –– but instead, found myself dizzy, gasping for air.


I forgot to breathe from the intensity of his kiss!


Before I passed out, he withdrew his tongue and nibbled my lips, giving me time to take in several breathes before he plunged his tongue back inside my mouth.


We were lost in the hazy fog of our desires . . . until I shuddered from droplets of cold water.


A bit hesitant, we parted, both gasping for air. I was holding onto his neck. My legs long ago lost its strength.


Its going to rain . . . Lets get you home,” he said, voice strained as reluctance painted his eyes.


I force myself and nodded.

I didnt know how it happened, but we arrived in the condo, like magic.


Time does fly when youre happy.


I peered at Cain. I dont want to part yet!


Thats right, Cain your trench coat.” I kept my voice calm and natural, not wanting him to notice that I was stalling for time.


Your trench coat is in my room. Why dont you come with me and get it?


Realizing what I said, my face burned. I panicked and waved my hands in frantic.


D-dont get me wrong! I didnt mean anything by that!


Cain chuckled. I know.”


We went out of his car, and he led me inside the elevator. Still embarrassed, I didnt dare look over his teasing eyes.


I was going to swipe my card into the electronic machine when Cain pulled out a platinum card and inserted it into an exclusive, private card slot.


The penthouse level lit up.


I blinked several times, wanting to know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the penthouse button never lost its light.


I threw him an inquiring look.


. . .


. . .


I own the place,” he said.

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