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Chapter 7: Possessive

Vast endless of calm darkness, gentle blowing cold breeze, and a peaceful, tranquil rocking of a yacht.

The atmosphere and surroundings almost made me feel sleepy… if not for the intense gaze of Cain Fay who was leisurely slicing meat and served it on my plate.

I was in a trance for some time, and when my brain finally recovered from her lag, I found myself on Cain Fay’s yacht in the middle of the ocean with candlelight dinner prepared just for the two of us.

I’m amazed by how this guy does things.

“I heard it’s your last day in New York and you’ll be going to New Haven tomorrow.”

“Mmmm…” I murmured between munching.

Mmmm? Really?! That’s all you can master?! Where did your courage run off to?!

“Let me accompany you to New Haven then.”

Cain rested his chin on his interlocking fingers and leaned towards me.

I finished my food and raised my head to look at him.

“No need, I remember that you have meetings for VIOS presentation of example software this weekend, right?”

“I can always make time for you,” Cain said seriously.


Ahhh… How much did I want to hear those words in my previous life?

I closed my eyes and chuckled.

“Cain…, I appreciate you, doing all of this. But it’s alright. I can—-“

I held my breath when his hand reached out to hold my cheek, his thumb gently caressing my lips.

“This is the first time you called my name…”

Somehow, his husky voice gradually turned horse. I felt my body instantly heat up.

I blushed and avoided his gaze. Afraid that he would see my burning desire for him.

“Repeat my name….,” he whispered.

He slowly and gently stroked my lips like a fragile treasure.



His husky hoarse voice commanded.

Instead of taking offense, my body shivered like it couldn’t refuse that commanding tone.

“C-Cain….” I moaned.

I closed my eyes from embarrassment. The feeling was like making love with just our voices.



After a moment, Cain withdrew his hand and all the heat of my body went with him. I almost cried in protest.

“Leanna, you saying that you appreciate what I do, can I take it that you are no longer against me in pursuing you?”

His voice was soft and gentle. Nevertheless, I still heard that faint trembling of his tone.

Is he afraid?

Afraid that I’ll reject him again?

I clasped my trembling hands into fists, seemingly wanting to draw strength from it as I met his frosty gaze.

“Cain, I’m telling you now. I want my man’s body and heart to belong to me entirely. I don’t want others to touch what’s mine whether intentional or unintentional, nor I want it to share with anyone else.”

I said seriously, and he lessened seriously.

I continued.

“I-I don’t want you to do all these wonderful things at the start, knowing that you have no intentions of continuing them once I have…. f-fallen in love with you.” I couldn’t help my voice from quivering.

I bit my lower lip and looked down at my shaking clasped hands on the table.

I was scared. Scared that if he found out about my possessive nature, he would have second thoughts.

Scared to know that the reason he was doing all of this was just to make me fall for him, and once I did, he would change. No longer be the man I have once fallen in love with.



Cain slowly stood up and walked behind me.

Before I could even blink, his warm hands were already enveloping mine. His chin resting on my shoulder. His nose gently caressing my neck. I felt him gently sniffing my hair many times like he became intoxicated with its smell.

“Leanna, I’m also an extremely possessive and territorial person. I don’t want others to touch what I marked as mine whether intentional or unintentional.” He slowly repeated my words.

He then gently bit my ear causing me to sharply gasped for air.

“What I’m doing for you is not to make you fall in love with me. It’s me being selfish. I want to see you happy because of me. I want to see you excited because of me. I want your life to be full of me for the reason that it makes me happy and contented at seeing your face changes emotions because of me.”

No longer could hold the reddening and the stinging of my eyes, my tears began to fall.

“I-I’ll trust you… I don’t give my trust to just anyone… So don’t make me regret it…” I murmured between sobbing and crying.

“Mmmm….” Cain smiled and gently kissed my eyes.

He tilted my chin so our eyes would meet.

We continued to stare at each other for a time, lost in each other’s warmth – before I closed my eyes.

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