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Chapter 69: Only You

“I’ll call you every day.” Cain caressed my cheek.


I touched his hand and guided it towards my lips and softly kissed each finger.

I stared at his frosty aquamarine eyes and smiled.

I wanted to send him off with a smile on my face.

Cain returned my gaze.

Gone was the coldness, indifferent and detachment in his eyes. Instead, it was replaced by warmth and gentleness. His pupils were soft and mild as if letting me know that I’m the only person in his heart. Within his gaze was a thread of doting and helplessness. It was the kind of look that could intoxicate anyone.

He slightly bent to hug me, and I embraced him back.

He was hugging me so, so tightly, making it difficult to breathe. Despite this, I still wanted to press my body to his even closer.

My tears that I so desperately trying hard not to shed fell one by one.

At this moment, nothing else mattered. Not even the sky falling nor the earth exploding.

Only this man. The man that silenced all my fears. The man who made me felt so safe. The man who found fragments of me that I didn’t even knew existed. The man who showed me a love that I no longer believe was real.

Only this man. The man that I love so dearly – mattered.

Sensing sorrow and desolation, little Pluffy whimpered which woken us from our own world.

We chuckled.

Cain bent down to scratched little Pluffy’s chubby chin. “Protect her for me.”


As if acknowledging his master, Little Pluffy proudly sat while vigorously waging his tail.

I laughed while wiping away my tears.

Cain patted my head, and I looked up at him.

We stared at each other some more before I closed my eyes.

Instantly, I felt his soft lips on mine. The kiss was so gentle and sweet as if trying to be careful not to lose ourselves.

“Young Master, it’s time.” Russell announced behind his back.

Cain sighed.

He licked my neck before sucking it, leaving a mark. Then he kissed my forehead before turning and slowly walked towards the elevator with heavy steps.

Russell followed behind him, but not before giving me a deadly glare.

I don’t understand why that man always looks at me with hostility and viciousness.

I just shrugged my shoulders and carried little Pluffy in my arms as we waved Cain goodbye.

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