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Chapter 67: Scheming

We stood there waiting for Cain to make his way towards us.

The cold man remained expressionless as he slowly strode in our direction. Yet, his frosty eyes held a murderous glint starring at the little puff of fur.

Little Pluffy, sensing danger, shivered and snuggled his self to me for protection while whimpering.

I glared at Cain, and unconsciously hugged the little shivering furball closer to me, like a mother protecting her child.

When Cain saw this, he shook his head and instantly regretted buying the puppy.

He made his way towards us, gently patted my head and secretly glared at the little furball.

“Let’s go.”

He held my hand and guided me towards the tent.

“We are very sorry Mrs. Goldwood, but Mr. Fay is not here.” Said the concierge lady, trying her hardest to be polite with her tone.

“Don’t lie to us! We know that Cain is here!” Holley pointed and shouted at the concierge lady, forgetting all her image.

The concierge lady was stunned.

Holley Goldwood was rumored for her breath-taking beauty and docile ladylike temperament.

Another reason to not believe in rumors, even an angelic face hid a demonic side.


Evelyn reprimanded her daughter, and then she smiled sweetly at the concierge lady. “Well then, if Cain is not here, then we will trouble you no longer.”

Evelyn motioned for the driver to take them home.

Holley immediately let out a cry of protest. “Mother! Cain is here in New Haven! Someone saw him here! Where can he be, but in his penthouse! Mother! You have to buy me a unit in Azure Sky!”

Holley was going crazy these past few days. She did everything to see Cain, but the man remained elusive as ever.

The last time she saw him was at that meeting with the Jansen’s in Tower One in New York. She thickened her skin and begged her mother to bring her to that private affair just to see the man.

After her father withdrew all relations from the Fay’s, it became even harder to see the aloof man that she couldn’t help but cursed her father inwardly.

Evelyn’s heart pricked as she stared at the anguished face of her daughter.

Holley was pampered since young. All she wanted was given to her, served in golden shiny platters. She made sure of that.

Holley was the only daughter she had, the pearl in her palms. And right now, she couldn’t bear to see her daughter like this.

“Holley, Azure Sky is already full. We are making arrangements for one of the tenants to sell her unit to us.”


Evelyn held her daughter’s hands. “Patience honey, not for long.”

“Mother, you can’t expect me to wait and do nothing while that whore is stealing Cain from me!” Holley hissed with gnashed teeth that made the driver jolt.

Evelyn pulled down the divider separating them and the driver, so no sound could be transmitted.

“Holley, don’t worry. I’ve already contacted your elder cousin to help you.”

Holley paused and then a smile formed on her lips.

Holley’s elder cousin was like a brother to her. Everything she wanted, her cousin would give it to her without fail.

“Cain will travel next week to fix the problems that we’ve caused him. At that time, your cousin will meet him personally. That will be your chance.”

“Mother, you……”

Evelyn wickedly laughed.

“Even someone like Cain Fay, once the rice is cook, he will have no other way but to marry you.”

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