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Chapter 66: Chase

The warm, refreshing morning, the gentle gushing sound of the waterfall, and the echoing laughter and giggling made the atmosphere light and festive.

The people, hearing that soft melodious laughter from the young girl couldn’t help but to feel cheery as well, smiles forming on their faces.

I couldn’t help myself from laughing and giggling so hard when Cain and I decided to play chased at the river.

I didn’t know how it happened. The moment I got up, I walked towards the river and Cain started to chased after me with little Pluffy joining in the fun.


I laughed when he caught me and began to tickle me in submission. I wiggled myself out from his embrace and ran towards the waterfall.

“I surrender! I surrender!” I said while panting.

Running towards the waterfall was apparently a bad idea. I thought I could jump since I saw many people jumped in there yesterday, but the height only made me tremble instead.

Cain just grinned at me.

Before I could even react, he ran towards me, lifted me up onto his shoulder, and unceremoniously jumped into the waterfall.

I could hear little Pluffy’s frantic barks until my ears and eyes were all swallowed by the warm water.

It was deep!

I hurriedly swam my way up, gasping for air.

When I found my breathing, I saw the devilishly handsome man in front of me, grinning from ear to ear, not feeling guilty at all for scaring me half to death.

I circled my arms around his neck while laughing. “Let’s……. *huff…. do it again!” I said between breathes.

Cain chuckled and guided me towards the shallow parts of the river, surrounded by large rocks.

Before I could even ask what he was doing, he pressed me against the rocks and kissed me hard.

“Mmnn……” I moaned when he sucked and bit my tongue.

“C-Cain… T-there are… nghh… people…. agh… we’re outdoors….” I moaned while he licked and sucked my neck down to my collarbone.

“Mmm…… Don’t worry…… They won’t see us……” He whispered with his usual husky voice which made my legs quaked. I automatically embraced his neck for support.

His tongue found its way inside my mouth once more, silencing me into obedience.

He grabbed my bottom and roughly raised me up while pressing me against the rock. My legs circled his waist, pressing my body onto him while our tongues hungrily devoured each other.

“Nghh…….” He groaned when my breasts were squeezed against his hard chest.

Enticed by the soft feeling, his tongue lowered and made its way towards my breasts.

He tugged my wet clothes, exposing my cleavage, and he savagely sucked my soft slope while his other hand slid inside my garment, roaming its way towards my left breast. He hurriedly raised my bra, freeing those soft full clouds before squeezing and rubbing my nipples.


We were jolted awake when we heard little Pluffy’s whimpers followed by that splashing sound.

“Little Pluffy!!!”

Instantly, my heart stopped. I pushed Cain away from me and hurriedly went to that splashing sound.

I frantically searched for the little guy. My eyes, turning red and misty with worry.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the little furball swimming happily, wagging his tail towards me.

I carried and hugged him while he vigorously licked my face. Then I stared at him in his giant puppy eyes.

“You pig! Almost gave me a heart attack! Don’t ever do that again.”

Little Pluffy whimpered as if he understood me. I hugged him once more and made our way towards the shore.

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