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Chapter 65: Moment


Moments later, the enticing aroma of meat on the grills filled my nose.


My eyes flickered to Cain. He was busy preparing our dinner. Still, I often caught him glancing in my direction from time to time.


When our eyes met, he smiled and winked at me. I shifted my head to the other side and suppressed a smile. If not that there were others around, Id probably giggle to death.


After an hour, I deducted that fishing and I werent meant to be. I went to Cains side with two fishes swimming inside a bucket in my hand.


There was also little Pluffy slumping on the grass with his four paws spread on the ground, looking all exhausted after playing with the water.


I laughed a little. Making sure that the little one had a full rest, I fed him water and went to Cains side. I cleaned the fish and put it on the grill. Then I wrapped my arms around his waist and snuggled myself into the warmth of his chest.


His hand rested on my shoulder, pulling me closer to him while his other hand was busy grilling our dinner.  He kissed my hair from time to time as we stood there in silence, treasuring each moment.

Cold air, warm fire, and bright stars.

A romantic place to be.

As soon as we finished dinner, we set up the tent in one of the best spots for viewing stars. We spread a comforter outside the tent and snuggled with each other in the comforting warmth the other gave off while Little Pluffy nestled its way behind me under the warm blanket.


Sounds of night creatures tickled our ears, and the soothing music of nature dispersed all tension in my body as we lost ourselves in the moment under the starry night sky.


. . .


. . .


Cain . . .”


Mmm . . . ?


I want to buy a bike and ride it going to school.”


Cains fingers froze on my hair.


. . .


. . .


After a short paused, he resumed caressing my hair and said a simple, Alright.”


I smiled and snuggled closer to him while my fingers rubbed his chest.


. . .


. . .


Leanna . . . ,” he whispered as if in pain.


Mmmm . . . ?


Ill not be home for three weeks to a month starting on Monday.”


It was my turn to freeze.


I wanted to ask him why, but the words jammed beneath the lump in my throat.


Cain explained further when he saw my expression, There are problems at work which needed my appearance to resolve. Ill be traveling to different countries starting next week.”


I remained quiet.


What else can I say?


Cain gently pinched my chin, forcing me to look at him. His frosty eyes were thawing with the warmth of longing.


I promise to finish it early and come back to you,” he said, voice so soft it melted my heart.


I forced a smile as not to make him unhappy than he already was and softly kissed his eyes.


Dont worry about me. I have little Pluffy to accompany me.”


My hand gently stroked his face, and he kissed my fingers when it grazed his lips. We gazed at each other eyes before our lips met and our tongues intertwined.

Thats it? Estela said in incredulity. Theyre just going to kiss and sleep after that? Theyre not going to have sex?


Estela didnt hide the irritation in her voice. Theyd been spying on her brother and Leanna ever since morning, hoping for some action. But the lovers were adamant to just stare at each other all day!


Honey, stop crying. This is a wonderful moment.” Hynes embraced his wife, Lily, who was sobbing since sunrise.


I cant stop the tears . . . Darling our son . . . our son became . . . *sob . . . human. I just . . . Im so happy! Lily shoved her head against Hyness chest and howled like there was no tomorrow.


Honey, you know . . . it had been a long time since we last camp outdoors . . . ,” Hynes whispered which made Lily paused and giggled.


Why dont you and I reminiscence on the last time we came here, yes? Hynes wiggled his eyebrows, and Lily smiled with fluttering eyelids.


Estela rolled her eyes. Get a room you two.”


The couple stood and made their way inside their tent, embracing and whispering sweet nothings to each other.


After a moment of being alone, Estela sighed.


I guess its just going to be you and me my trusty camera, and all the single insects out there.”

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